Paradoxically fast growing Sativa. Almost perfect cannabis variety with an extremely strong high, outrageous speed, compact.

Euphoric effects suitable for parties.


Semínka konopí Paradox - Nuka Seeds

Captain Hash

The Captain Hash cannabis strain reaches a height of up to 180 cm and can produce up to 600g per plant outdoors or 1g/w indoors during a short flowering period of 7-8 weeks. Above average resistance to pests!


Semínka konopí Captain Hash - Nuka Seeds


Gelato is a sweet and very popular strain of cannabis. Cannabis Gelato seeds are the perfect choice for those looking for the ultimate experience of smoking quality marijuana. Gelato is known for its delicious and sweet flavor profile, making it a favorite among cannabis lovers


Semínka konopí Gelato - Nuka Seeds

Hairy Fairy

The Hairy Fairy cannabis strain is characterised by its fruity and floral flavour, with aromas of orange and strawberry. She is a fairy who will take you to the fairy world of cannabis. High yield and resistance. A great choice for first-time growers


Semínka konopí Hairy Fairy - Nuka Seeds

Hobo Surfer

Hobo Surfer is a very stable and hardy strain of cannabis. Excellent yield. Its effects are euphoric and uplifting, making it an ideal remedy for relaxation and calming. This strain has interesting healing potential and is ideal for fighting anxiety.


Semínka konopí Hobo Surfer - Nuka Seeds


Megaton cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a brutal yield. It can grow over 3 metres tall. A suitable candidate for phoenix tear extraction.


Semínka konopí Megaton - Nuka Seeds


Polaris cannabis seeds have excellent yields, resistance and are ideal for mother plants. Growing Polaris cannabis plants is very easy.


Semínka konopí Polaris - Nuka Seeds


Prodigy is an unconventional and uplifting cannabis strain with a bit of mystery. Our Prodigy feminized cannabis seeds bring a unique cannabis growing experience. It is suitable for marijuana and cannabis lovers who want something completely unique


Semínka konopí Prodigy - Nuka Seeds


Feminized CBD hemp seeds Cleopatra is the queen of medicinal hemp varieties. It is best used for pain, loss of appetite and neurological problems. The ratio of THC to CBD is 1:1 for an even greater medicinal effect

Feminized CBD

Semínka konopí Cleopatra - Nuka Seeds


Automaton is the perfect indica-dominated machine. It is characterised by its sweet flavour, great durability and compact, purple-tinged canes. The effect is relaxing, euphoric and ideal for relieving stress. Good for parties.


Semínka konopí Automaton - Nuka Seeds

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga cannabis seeds are an amazing indica-dominant hybrid. It has a sweet taste with high hardiness and beautiful buds. The effect is sedative with a rapid transition to relaxation.


Semínka konopí Baba Yaga - Nuka Seeds


The excellent autoflowering Banshee cannabis strain is predominantly indica. Calming the body and mind to the level of deep meditation. Fast flowering time 50-55 days. Ideal for insomnia.


Semínka konopí Banshee - Nuka Seeds


Bulldozer hemp seeds. It is hardy and fast, allowing you to harvest faster. It has tremendous potency, the effects are euphoric and grounding, making it the ideal variety for those looking for a distinctly relaxing experience. Bulldozer also has therapeutic potential as pain relief and muscle relaxation.


Semínka konopí Bulldozer - Nuka Seeds

Gorilla Auto

Hemp seeds Gorilla auto. Obsah THC 20%. The autoflowering variety is the result of a cross between Gorilla Glue and Ruderalis, 60% indica and 40% sativa. It grows up to 110 cm tall, but don't expect low yields. Offers up to 140g per plant in just 8 weeks of growth


Semínka konopí Gorilla Auto - Nuka Seeds


Tokamak is a super autoflowering strain that will fill you with ethereal energy and shoot you into the sun. A pure fusion of quality and high performance. Growing Tokamak cannabis seeds is easy and suitable for beginners. Great choice.


Semínka konopí Tokamak - Nuka Seeds

Assorted Mix Fem

Each of our feminized strains is represented in this blend, in different proportions and randomly. This is our most affordable hemp seed product. Classic photoperiod.


Semínka konopí Assorted Mix - Nuka Seeds

West Coast OG

West Coast OG, an autoflowering cannabis strain native to California. Crossing of West Coast OG and Ruderalis genetics, with 70% indica and 30% sativa. It is compact, reaching a height of 90 cm. Physical appearance is deceiving - yields up to 110g per plant. Above average resistance and unique effects. Stable and unobtrusive.


Semínka konopí West Coast OG - Nuka Seeds

Assorted Mix Auto

Each of our autoflowering strains is represented in this mixture, in different proportions and randomly. This is our most affordable hemp seed product.


Semínka konopí Assorted Mix - Nuka Seeds

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