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Leah Stevens


- Got so much for so little. No words needed. I love it.

“- Just bought the Cleopatra strain. Delivery guys didn’t care much, because the box had some scratches on it. Fortunately it doesn’t affect the germination. So happy with it and Megaton is on its way already.


Bethany Nuka seeds customer

“- Third week of growing. All plants look exactly the same. Good Work Nuka Seeds.


Thomas Nuka seeds customer

“- Chosen Cleopatra, cause CBD is good for pain issues connected with my joints and muscles pain. BTW packaging is awesome.


Kevin Nuka seeds customer

“- Great, I've never seen such generous packaging at any bank. The box is already standing on the shelf and the seeds are in the water, I'm looking forward to see what happens.


Ella Nuka seeds customer

“- I make marijuana for topicals only so i am curious about it. I have those plants outside. Germination rate 9/10. I was pleased with the gifts and especially labels.



“- Friendo of mine reccomended me Paradox strain. It grows like a god. Sticker was detached on one spot, but it was kinda my fault :D. 10pcs next time.


Remi Nuka seeds customer

“- Box and gifts got me. More than average germination. I strongly recommend Nuka Seeds for those who seek fine seeds and something extra with it.


Jeannine Nuka seeds customer

“- Germination rate above the charts. Unorthodox packaging strongly recommended. Delivery time took more than expected but it does not need to be fault of the seedbank.


Paul Nuka seeds customer

“- I do this for the first time and it is awesome. Looking forward to see other models.



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