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Cannabis Seeds Cleopatra - The pictures shown are our actual grown plants outdoors or our customers, we choose not to give you the wonderful lab results.

cannabis seeds Cleopatra

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Cleopatra hemp seeds - Feminized CBD strain is the queen of medicinal cannabis varieties. It is a great original skunk with a predominant CBD indication. with a one to two ratio of THC to CBD cannabinoids.

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Cleopatra – Feminized CBD seeds from Nuka Seeds are the queen of medicinal cannabis varieties. This is a great original skunk with a predominant CBD indication, with a one to two ratio of THC to CBD cannabinoids.

Contains 7% THC and 14% CBD ! It grows to a height of 2 metres, which promises a very rich harvest. NukaSeeds Cleopatra is a vigorous cannabis plant that is not susceptible to disease, pest damage or fungus and is therefore suitable for both warm and cooler or wetter environments.

Its stress resistance and high potential make it the best choice for beginners or less experienced growers looking for the perfect CBD cannabis strain.

The flowering period is approximately 60 days, after which you get a majestic amount of grass.

It is also very suitable for the production of cannabis extracts.

Cannabis Cleopatra has an unforgettable sweet taste with hints of fruit. Cleopatra’s healing touch is best suited for pain, loss of appetite and neurological problems.

Its lower THC content makes it ideal for regular use as a replacement for C.B.D. oils and other C.B.D. products.

Package contents

cannabis seeds Cleopatra
Package of cannabis seeds Cleopatra

Cannabis seeds in a stylish keyring

Cannabis seeds Cleopatra they're stored in a stylish key ring that will later serve as a lockable box for all sorts of things

Sticker with motif

Nice sticker with hemp seeds motif of Cleopatra

Cleopatra clip-on badge

Cool clip-on badge with motif of Cleopatra

Flower pot tags

Pot labels with seed motif of Cleopatra. The number of labels depends on the number of seeds in the pack each seed = one label. On the back you will find space for your notes.

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