17/06/2023 Legislation

Cannabis seeds and drug tests. Can consuming seeds Lead to a Positive Drug Test?

Does Consuming Cannabis Seeds Products Lead to a Positive Drug Test?
With the growing popularity of hemp-based products and the increasing acceptance of cannabis in various forms, concerns about drug tests and potential false positives have become more prevalent. Find out if consuming cannabis seed products leads to a positive drug test result?
18/01/2023 Legislation

Cannabis legalization – Hawaii plans to legalize marijuana in 2023

Hawaii is about to legalize cannabis
While some states on the mainland sell cannabis for recreational use, in Hawaii, advocates and legislators are preparing for adults to be able to use cannabis in their state.
09/12/2022 Legislation

Can THC affect driving skills ?

cannabis and driving
How dangerous is cannabis use compared to other drugs when driving? Does marijuana really impair the ability to drive ? Is THC testing the correct way to test driving impairment?
23/08/2022 Legislation

Thai legislature legalisation cannabis and releases 2,958 prisoners

Thailand has given away one million cannabis plants to encourage cultivation
The decriminalisation of marijuana in Thailand, which removed cannabis and marijuana from the list of narcotic substances, has provoked both positive and negative reactions. What opinions are emerging ?
21/06/2022 Legislation

German parliamentarians call on health minister to speed up legalisation of cannabis

legalisation of cannabis leaf
Cannabis legalization efforts have reached another milestone in the 21st century. Germany’s new health minister has been given an ultimatum.
29/05/2022 Legislation

Where is use of cannabis legal?

Globe where is use of cannabis legal sorounded by leaves
Where is the use of cannabis legal and what conditions you have to meet to use marijuana as a cure of for recreational purposes? Summary is here.
28/05/2022 Legislation

The Future of Weed: HIGH COUNTRY

In HIGH COUNTRY, team Motherboard heads to Denver
03/03/2022 Legislation

Zurich to start testing recreational marijuana use this year

view of the city of Zurich
Switzerland’s largest city will allow adults to use marijuana on a test basis from the end of 2022. The outcome of the experiment will affect the whole of Europe.
28/02/2022 Legislation

Legalization of cannabis – should Germany legalize marijuana?

legalisation of cannabis gemany EU
The legalization of cannabis is a well-known topic today. How does Germany view the issue and what do politicians have to say about it?
27/12/2021 Legislation

Legalization of cannabis in Malta – growing and using marijuana is finally legal

legalization of cannabis in Malta
Legalization of cannabis in Malta is a big deal. Users will be able to legally possess and grow marijuana and buy seeds. So how will it be?
14/12/2021 Legislation

Cannabis in Japan – legalization law is far from being ready

cannabis in Japan leaf nuka
Cannabis in Japan has a harsh time. Marijuana legalization just won’t happen and the attitude towards CBD is a little different. What is the situation?
08/12/2021 Legislation

Legalisation of cannabis in Germany – users can rejoice

legalisation of cannabis leaf
Legalisation of cannabis is knocking on Germany’s door. First the medicinal marijuana market and now this. Are you curious how this will turn out?
01/12/2021 Legislation

Former police officer helps seniors understand the medical potential of cannabis

bag of cannabis and sherif
Medical potential of cannabis has reached to many seniors and a retire cop explains them the benefits of using marijuana for health.
28/11/2021 Legislation

Difficulties in the production and sale of legal cannabis products

cannabis business is not easy to start
Difficulties in the production and sale of legal cannabis products are the deal in this industry.
17/09/2021 Legislation

Medical cannabis in the Czech Republic

Hemp czech republic
Medical cannabis has the green light in the Czech Republic. What will the change in the law on cannabis bring ?