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Cannabis Seeds Gelato - The pictures shown are our actual grown plants outdoors or our customers, we choose not to give you the wonderful lab results.

cannabis seeds Gelato

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The American cannabis strain Gelato, which will come as a sweet surprise to you, is considered one of the most popular marijuana genetics in the world and our version is no exception.

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A leading American variety originally from California, popular for its distinctive aromatic qualities, it offers an intense and unique experience. A combination of power and taste.

Gelato cannabis seeds are classic photoperiod (feminized) and will flower in 9 weeks. It was created by crossing the well-known Gelato and Wedding cake genetics as a balanced hybrid with a unique terpene profile and strong euphoric effects. Reaching a height of 2 metres, the cannabis can be grown indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse. Gelato is hardy and stable, suitable for less experienced growers. It has a THC content of up to 23% and yields up to 550 grams per plant outdoors or 0.95 grams per watt indoors. The unique structure of the cones minimizes the presence of excess leaves, making them easier to process. A sweet and creamy taste for true gourmets.

Package contents

cannabis seeds Gelato
Package of cannabis seeds Gelato

Cannabis seeds in a stylish keyring

Cannabis seeds Gelato they're stored in a stylish key ring that will later serve as a lockable box for all sorts of things

Sticker with motif

Nice sticker with hemp seeds motif of Gelato

Gelato clip-on badge

Cool clip-on badge with motif of Gelato

Flower pot tags

Pot labels with seed motif of Gelato. The number of labels depends on the number of seeds in the pack each seed = one label. On the back you will find space for your notes.

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