11/11/2022 Partners

Cannabis seeds from Nuka seeds are now listed on Growdiaries.com

Looking for the perfect place to share your cannabis growing successes and failures ? Interested in the progress and outcome of the strains you are considering? Then Growdiaries.com is the perfect place for you.
09/09/2022 Partners

A new cannabis store and eshop from Prague Growbank.cz has been added to the partner zone.

Website of our partners
A large cannabis shop and eshop in Prague starts selling Nuka seeds. If you live in Prague, you can order Nuka seeds very discreetly, literally just a few steps from your home.
25/05/2022 Partners

Maltaseeds.org is the first seller of Nukaseeds cannabis seeds in Malta!

home page malta seeds
At Maltaseeds you can now find cannabis seeds from the world’s biggest producers including Nukaseeds.
24/05/2022 Partners

Welcome to our new partner Konopex-market.cz

logo konopex market
Yay Nukaseeds has another great business partner. The company is called Konopex-market.cz and we are very happy to be working with them.
06/05/2022 Partners

We are pleased to introduce our new partner Cannabisproduct

What did we do when the gates of the Konopex festival closed? We wandered around the city of Ostrava and visited our new partners in their store, where you can now buy Nuka seeds.
03/05/2022 Partners

Great news Nukaseeds has a new partner in Slovakia. Welcome Life-Tree.eu.

Eshop life-tree.eu has recently launched the sale of cannabis seeds and seedbank Nukaseeds is proud to be among the first in this new category.
07/04/2022 Partners

Euforiaheadshop.sk is the first Nuka partner from Slovakia

euforia partner of nukaseeds
Euforia is a young and dynamic team that also strives to promote cannabis lifestyle.
04/04/2022 Partners

Guruseed.cz joins the Nuka family

new seedsshop guruseed.cz
Traditional and original cannabis seed collector’s shop
28/03/2022 Partners

We are proud to introduce a new partner, welcome Kolabu.eu

Kolabu frontpage
Kolabu is a well-known seedshop in the cannabis market. Our marijuana seeds are now reaching other weed growers.
24/02/2022 Partners

Another eshop Konopneseminka.cz was added to the partners zone

Big logo of Konopne Seminka shop
Great big shop with cannabis seeds
09/02/2022 Partners

Seeds-bank is the New Nukaseeds seller

Nukaseeds description from Seeds Bank
Traditional and original cannabis seed collector’s shop
03/02/2022 Partners

Let’s welcome our new partner – Cannado.org

preview of nukaseeds partner products - Cannado.org
Another seed shop has joined to the ranks of Nukaseeds partners. Welcome Cannado.org. Take a look what this cannabis shop offers.
03/02/2022 Partners

The wholesale company seeds-world.com has joined to Nuka family

seller nukaseeds seeds-world.com
Wholesaler Seeds-world.com has added Nuka Seeds products to their offer.
02/02/2022 Partners

Nuka cannabis strains are now listed on Seedfinder.eu

page seedfinder nukaseeds
If you’re looking for informations about cannabis strains, you can find most of them on SeedFinder
21/01/2022 Partners

Welcome to our partner section Cannaworld.cz

Welcome to our partner area Cannaworld.cz
21/01/2022 Partners

Another shop! Semenacannabis.cz

Introducing the new seed shop. Welcome, Semenacannabis.cz
19/01/2022 Partners

Welcome to a new partner – semenakonopi.cz

Nukaseeds added another seed shop. Semenakonopi.cz have the best marijuana seeds and are well known in the cannabis market.
13/01/2022 Partners

Seedshop Smoketime has just became our partner.

We have added more seed headshop to our partner zone – Smoketime
13/01/2022 Partners

Welcome to our partners – RuBaRu

Introducing the new Seed Wholesale. Welcome, RuBaRu.biz
12/01/2022 Partners

Seedsclub has just become our partner, let’s welcome them nicely.

We have add another seed shop into our partner zone – welcome Seedsclub.cz
11/01/2022 Partners

Another great seed shop from the Czech Republic has find its way to us Mojesemeno.cz

The store is focused on world-class cannabis seeds