Medical cannabis in the Czech Republic

Medical cannabis has the green light in the Czech Republic. What will the change in the law on cannabis bring ?

Medical cannabis is in many cases very effective against many health problems. In general, therefore, cannabis as such can help the human body from many complications. So what is the main problem? Legal use. Despite countless studies that confirm that medical marijuana does help, we are still at a standstill and in many states the substance is still labeled as illegal. Fortunately, the situation is improving.

Medical cannabis in the Czech Republic

cannabis in czech pirates partyIn the Czech Republic, there is a political party called PirĂĄti or PirĂĄtskĂĄ Strana (Pirates Party). This party is progressive in many ways and has long been campaigning for the authorisation of medical cannabis in the medical sector and, in general, for a relaxation of the conditions relating to the possession and cultivation of cannabis.

Two politicians, namely Tomas Vymazal and Radek Holomcik, have fought for the advocacy. Thus, the Czech Chamber of Deputies adopted an amendment on addictive substances and from 1 January 2022 there will be several changes, of course, more favourable ones.

What will change?

medical cannabis in czech republicWhat does the adoption of the amendment mean for the citizens of this country? The amendment will not be in force until 1 January 2022, so just quickly and without technical details. Let’s get on with it:

1) The THC content limit for technical cannabis will be increased to 1% – so cannabis growers will not have to worry about criminalisation due to good weather and other growing conditions.

2) Farmers growing varieties of technical hemp from the Common European Catalogue will not have to prove the THC content of the hemp plants – they will only have to provide a certificate of origin for the seed.

3) More affordable and administratively accessible licences will also give normal entrepreneurs the opportunity to get involved in the production of cannabis for medicinal use.

4) Allowing the mass extraction of cannabis for medicinal use will significantly expand the range of medicinal forms available to patients who are treated with cannabis.

ganja in czech milion marijuana march

5) All cannabis extracts that have a THC content of up to 1% by weight and that do not have intoxicating effects will be completely exempted from the substance abuse regime. This means that, for example, an ointment made from a non-intoxicating CBD variety of cannabis will no longer be an addictive substance, even though it contains THC and even though the original cannabis plant may have exceeded 1% THC. The dilution of the active substances during the manufacture of the ointment will result in an ‘extract’ which will not be an addictive substance within the meaning of the law.

The production and availability of medicinal cannabis ointments will no longer be such a problem. At Nuka Seeds you can buy seeds of the perfect strain Cleopatra with a higher CBD content, ideal for making medical marijuana salves and other extracts.

You can see the original article of this political party (in Czech).

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