Legalization of cannabis – should Germany legalize marijuana?

The legalization of cannabis is a well-known topic today. How does Germany view the issue and what do politicians have to say about it?

Legalization of cannabis – Germany legalize marijuana?

Legalization of cannabis
Legalization of cannabis

Around four million people in Germany use marijuana regularly or occasionally. Countries such as Mexico and Portugal have already legalised cannabis. Should Germany follow in their footsteps? That’s what we want to discuss with our two debaters. Max Plennert used to work for the German Cannabis Association and is himself a cannabis patient. He argues that cannabis should be legalized. Our second debater, Martin Rüdiger, disagrees. He runs an addiction treatment clinic in Berlin and says that legalising cannabis would send the wrong signal.

The video addresses topics such as climate change, migration, cannabis legalisation and social mobility, and puts the concerns of citizens from different backgrounds at the centre of political debates. Politicians from different political parties were viewers, asking questions and commenting. Politicians from all parties with a parliamentary group in the German Bundestag were invited to participate in Flipping the Script.

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00:00 – Introduction

06:25 – Yes or no: The risks of cannabis are often underestimated.

12:22 – Yes or no: Criminalization does more harm than good.

18:02 – Yes or no: Germany is throwing money out the window with its current drug policy.

23:02 – Yes or no: Addiction education still lacking in Germany.

25:48 – Politicians ponder “flipping the script”.

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