28/03/2023 Nukaseeds

Paradox cannabis outdoor growreport

Paradox cannabis seeds logo
We bring you a growreport from one of our growers. See what you can expect from the feminised Paradox cannabis variety in average outdoor conditions.
15/03/2023 Nukaseeds

Special offer on cannabis seeds from Nukaseeds

Nukaseeds background layer made of leaves
There is a special offer from Nukaseeds for the upcoming season. Bonus seeds for the same price. Let season of growing begin.
17/02/2023 Nukaseeds

Why does marijuana make you laugh?

Why does marijuana make you laugh?
In addition to the dopamine release response, there are other mechanisms that make marijuana make you laugh, and we’ll look at those today.
28/01/2023 Nukaseeds

Scientific insights on food preparation Wake And Bake

To smoke marijuana soon after waking up.
If you’ve ever consumed cannabis in the morning, you may be wondering what’s behind the science of ‘wake and bake’.
23/11/2022 Nukaseeds

Black Friday at Nuka Seeds is coming!

Black Friday event at Nuka Seeds
Black Friday is only once a year. Don’t miss this unbeatable event at Nuka Seeds.
16/11/2022 Nukaseeds

Nukaseeds at Cannafest 2022

Cannafest in Prague with Nuka seeds
Our experiences from the Prague Cannabis Festival.
11/11/2022 Nukaseeds

Cannabis seeds from Nuka seeds are now listed on Growdiaries.com

Looking for the perfect place to share your cannabis growing successes and failures ? Interested in the progress and outcome of the strains you are considering? Then Growdiaries.com is the perfect place for you.
25/10/2022 Nukaseeds

Nukaseeds at Cannafest 2022!

Nukaseeds Stand
It’s here folks, Cannafest 2022 starts next week and you can bet Nukaseeds will be there. So come check it out, it’s gonna be a blast.
09/09/2022 Nukaseeds

How to identify quality cannabis seeds.

you see cannabis seeds
How do you know if you have quality marijuana seeds? While the fate of these little cannabis seeds will ultimately depend on genetics, and proper care will help them reach their full potential, there are a few signs that can tell you if you have quality marijuana seeds.
25/08/2022 Nukaseeds

Flowering stage- what to do with cannabis plants during this period

marijuana plant in flower
A guide for cannabis growers during the marijuana flowering season.
27/07/2022 Nukaseeds

Our customer showed off his Megaton and Paradox cannabis plants.

Take a look at some photos from the grower of Megaton and Paradox.
20/07/2022 Nukaseeds

Team Nukaseeds visited the Mary Jane Cannabis Festival in Berlin

Mary Jane cannabis fair Berlin
Last weekend, the Mary Jane cannabis festival was held in Berlin, where the Nukaseeds team went to have a look. Read about this cannabis exhibition below.
19/07/2022 Nukaseeds


Nuka Seeds promotion 1+1 free
The best promotion on cannabis seeds for every marijuana grower.
11/07/2022 Nukaseeds

Guide to choosing a pot size

Different sizes of pots for cannabis
A simple and straightforward guide to choosing a pot size for your cannabis plants.
28/06/2022 Nukaseeds

Polaris cannabis variety – want to taste the latest, photoperiodic indica strain?

Our model with cannabis variety polaris
Our newest indica variety with a dash of purple. Let yourself be captivated by this great variety. Polaris cannabis variety is waiting for you.
07/06/2022 Nukaseeds

Growing cannabis seeds from start to finish A beginner’s guide

logo from seed to stone
A really simple guide to growing cannabis indoor! Includes germination, planting, fertilizing, etc. You can see everything clearly in just 15 minutes.
06/06/2022 Nukaseeds

What is CBD and what is it used for?

nukaseeds cbd formula and cannabis bud
You have heard about CBD, but few people know its effects. In this article you will learn what CBD is and what it can do.
30/05/2022 Nukaseeds

How to prepare homemade cannabis sugar

nukaseeds spoonful of hemp sugar
Almost everyone knows that you can make hemp butter with hemp, but what about cannabis sugar. Below you can read how to make it at home.
26/05/2022 Nukaseeds

How to get the most out of autoflowering cannabis

Bed of autoflowering cannabis
Autoflowering varieties have become very popular over the years and in today’s article you will learn how to get the most quality marijuana buds out of them.
25/05/2022 Nukaseeds

Maltaseeds.org is the first seller of Nukaseeds cannabis seeds in Malta!

home page malta seeds
At Maltaseeds you can now find cannabis seeds from the world’s biggest producers including Nukaseeds.
24/05/2022 Nukaseeds

Welcome to our new partner Konopex-market.cz

logo konopex market
Yay Nukaseeds has another great business partner. The company is called Konopex-market.cz and we are very happy to be working with them.