Nukaseeds at Cannafest 2022

Our experiences from the Prague Cannabis Festival.

Nukaseeds in Prague at the cannabis festival

The team from Nukaseeds once again visited one of the biggest cannabis festivals in the world, Cannafest 2022 in Prague. The atmosphere was great and the people were amazing. There was certainly a lot to see and the enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors to Cannafest was great.

Cannafest in Prague with Nuka seeds
People waiting to spin and win marijuana seeds from Nukaseeds

In the second hall we again had our colourful glowing stand, where we had a wheel of fortune where every visitor won hemp seeds worth at least double the value up to the main prizes worth several thousand crowns. As everyone who spun the wheel of fortune could also choose the variety of marijuana seeds of their choice, we had a constant queue of people at the stall waiting impatiently to spin our wheel and win a fat prize.

The excitement of winning hemp seeds packaged in beautiful doypacks or boxes was expressed very loudly by many people. Especially those who won the grand prize of 15 marijuana seeds, which are contained inside a metal bomb, which together with a metal three-chamber gold-plated grinder, a commemorative coin and bamboo pot labels, are the contents of a beautiful box with a picture of the variety.

Many people blocked the passage as they waited to turn the wheel of fortune at Nuka Seeds

The wildest day was Saturday, where none of our team stopped at all. The crowds of people waiting at our booth to win cannabis seeds were so big that we were constantly blocking the passage between other booths, where we had to correct the “traffic” many times:)

The visitors’ enthusiasm for winning the marijuana seed packets filled us with excitement, and even more so when they told us that they had bought or even won our varieties at Konopex in Ostrava before and praised them.

If you were at the Nukaseeds booth, let us know how you like our cannabis seed packets or send us photos of how you grew beautiful cannabis plants from our marijuana seeds.

And if you’re wondering there was an afterparty at saturday night.

Overall, we rate Cannafest 2022 as very good and we look forward to seeing many of you again at other cannabis festivals and at cannafest next year 2023

We wish you a good time Nuka Seeds team

Thank you all for your participation, team from Nukaseeds.

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