How to identify quality cannabis seeds.

How do you know if you have quality marijuana seeds? While the fate of these little cannabis seeds will ultimately depend on genetics, and proper care will help them reach their full potential, there are a few signs that can tell you if you have quality marijuana seeds.

8 signs of quality marijuana seeds

Weighing in on hemp seeds

#1 Weight

Weight often goes hand in hand with size, but heavier seeds are generally better quality than lighter ones.

different colours of cannabis seeds

#2 Color

Although not all cannabis seeds are the same colour, there are some commonalities. Healthy, viable seeds are light to dark brown in colour. Light green or even whitish seeds are underdeveloped and should be discarded. A healthy seed will also have a brindle or tortoiseshell pattern on its shell.

#3 Storage

seeds storage in Norway

Cannabis seeds should be stored in tightly sealed containers in a dark, cool and dry place to avoid sun damage, critical drying or mould.

Although hemp seeds can be viable for more than 5 years in some cases, the best seeds in terms of germination are no older than 18 months.

Freezer storage can greatly extend the life of the cannabis seeds, but we need to ensure that moisture cannot condense in the seed container, and vacuum containers can help with this. Conditions must be stable, so a freezer in frequent use is not suitable.

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#4 Float test

Quality cannabis seeds in a glass of water.

Put the hemp seeds in a glass of lukewarm water and leave them for about half an hour. After this time, the healthy seeds will sink and the “bad” ones stay swimming. Soaking the seeds will allow the moisture to pass through the protective membrane and signal to the seed that it is time to grow.

This test must not be carried out if the intention is to store the seeds after testing.

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#5 Size

Keep cannabis seeds in a moist environment.

The largest seeds within a given species generally have more energy stored in them and have a greater potential to mature into a productive cannabis plant. Note that indica varieties tend to produce larger seeds than sativa varieties, so make sure you are comparing cannabis seeds of the same variety.

#6 Cover

Quality marijuana seeds have a waxy protective coating. Seeds that look dull are probably not as viable and should be avoided.

#7 Shape

Quality hemp seed is teardrop shaped. Flat or deformed seeds are less likely to germinate into quality cannabis plants.

#8 Texture

A quality marijuana seed will be solid. Cannabis seeds should have a hard shell to protect the life inside. Seeds that are soft, pliable or brittle are unlikely to germinate.

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