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If you’ve ever consumed cannabis in the morning, you may be wondering what’s behind the science of ‘wake and bake’.

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Wake And Bake – To smoke marijuana soon after waking up.

Wake And Bake
Women wake And Bake.

If you’ve ever consumed cannabis in the morning, you may wonder what’s behind the scientific ‘wake and bake‘ method.

It seems to always happen this way. The alarm clock rings early in the morning to remind you that there is work out there and a nasty boss impatiently waiting to make your life hell. You shout something like: “One more hour of sleep!”. and then you roll over to set your alarm. But then you see it – a fully loaded bowl of your favorite cannabis variety.

And so, before anything else, you reach for the smoking device waiting patiently on your bedside table so you can embark on the most sacred of morning rituals: wake and bake. Suddenly, that desperate view of the day has somehow changed. The thought of getting out of bed and even putting on trousers seems slightly less doomed than it did just 30 seconds ago. Cannabis makes the day more enjoyable.

For some, catching a head full of THC is as much a part of sweeping the cobwebs from the brain as a few cups of coffee. But what is it about this ability that can snap a person out of morning drowsiness and give them the power to hit the ground running?

Wake and Bake Capital of the World

Not every cannabis consumer wakes up and puffs. However, according to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, nearly 22% of cannabis smokers in the United States actually catch a puff within the first ten minutes of the day. This puts the Land of the Free at number one in the world for wake and bake activity.

While the data does not offer an explanation for this phenomenon, there is some speculation. This is probably due to the fact that the majority of the American workforce is unhappy. A Gallup poll last year found that two-thirds of workers nationwide ‘hate’ their jobs. What’s more, more than half feel no connection to their work.

Most respondents said they simply do the bare minimum to collect a paycheck. But dabbling in the morning can erase some of the anxiety associated with working endlessly. For some, the practice is even an incentive that contributes to super-productivity.

Wake and Bake – Science

Wake and Bake - morning coffee with cannabis.
Wake and Bake.

As with all things cannabis-related, there is very little scientific evidence to support ‘wake and bake’. However, everyone seems to agree that cannabis gets us high in the morning more than at any other time of the day. There are many theories on the subject.

Some believe that the intensity is nothing more than an illusion – the brain is not yet functioning at full capacity, giving the impression of a more intense buzz. However, there is a more logical reason. When you smoke cannabis first thing in the morning, the THC hits your exhausted body. This is similar to how coffee reacts differently in people who drink it in the morning than later in the day.

In the morning, the body has already been deprived of nutrients for several hours. This makes THC seem more potent. Why? Nothing else has yet been consumed to compete with the cannabinoids. Think of this in the context of other drugs. If taken on an empty stomach, these drugs are more potent than usual. When it comes to achieving uplifting effects with wake and bake, the science lies in the hundreds of ingredients contained in this variety of cannabis.

Problems with the Wake and Bake

Some addiction experts say that waking and baking is less therapeutic and more problematic. In 2016, a team of researchers found that using cannabis in the morning may be a sign of cannabis addiction.

The study, which was published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory, suggests that the practice of waking and baking is no different to having a few beers in the morning. Daytime drinking has long been associated with alcoholism.

Overall, the wake and bake study found that anyone who smokes cannabis before noon is likely to suffer from deeper problems.

“Morning users reported significantly more problems than those who did not smoke in the morning, and morning use accounted for a significant unique variance in problems,” the – reads the study abstract. It goes on to read that “morning cannabis use may indicate dependence and increased cannabis-related disorders.”

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