Polaris cannabis variety – want to taste the latest, photoperiodic indica strain?

Our newest indica variety with a dash of purple. Let yourself be captivated by this great variety. Polaris cannabis variety is waiting for you.

You must have been looking forward to the news from Nukaseeds and here it is. First we would like to introduce you to our brand new variety of cannabis beauty Polaris. This is our first purebred photoperiodic Indica.

Characteristics of Polaris

logo of Polaris cannabis variety

Polaris cannabis seeds will captivate you with their purple tones, wonderfully sweet aroma and taste. It has absolutely great yields outdoors and indoors. Polaris can produce 600 grams per plant outdoors or in the greenhouse, and up to 1 gram per watt when harvested indoors, despite not being nutrient intensive. Polaris can be harvested outdoors in late September/early October and indoors in 2 months after switching, but you can add an extra 3-7 days to increase the purple colour. This indica variety is very stress resistant and very easy to cut, making Polaris cannabis seeds perfect candidates for mother plants. The effect of this star indica is strongly relaxing, but without being overly grounding. It induces a great appetite, making it useful for eating disorders. The wonderful, sweet fruity aroma reminiscent of berries will prepare you for a wonderful taste experience, which is accompanied by hash notes. Polaris will show you the right way to indica with stellar taste and beauty.

The main benefits of the Polaris cannabis variety

  • a fast, stable indica that is easy to grow
  • captivating fruity taste and aroma
  • surprisingly high yields
  • beautiful purple buds
  • suitable for the production of Resin, Rosin, Life Resin concentrates
  • effectively stimulates the appetite and is therefore suitable for the treatment of lack of appetite

How do you like the Polaris cannabis variety?

Published by Jan VeselĂ˝

  1. If my Polaris seeds grow into the lady you have in the picture with the Nukaseeds t-shirt, I’ll buy them all 😀 No, joke 😀 But I did order one pack.

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