09/01/2023 strain

Grow-report of Paradox grown in a greenhouse

grow-report Paradox cannabis plant flowers by Nuka Seeds
We bring you another grow-report from grower Scarab. This time we describe his cultivation of two Paradox plants in the greenhouse.
08/01/2023 strain

Tokamak outdoor growreport from the customer

Take a look at the report of one of our starting straintesters, you can see lots of photos, fertilizer use and other educational stuff.
02/12/2022 strain

Photoperiod of feminized and regular cannabis plants

Photoperiod of feminized and regular cannabis plants
What is a photoperiod ? How does it affect cannabis cultivation and how to work with it?
18/10/2022 strain

Top medical use for indica cannabis strain

medical cannabis sign
Did you know that indica cannabis strain has a great medical potential? If not, continue with reading.
17/10/2022 strain

What is hybrid cannabis strain?

the green, hybrid cannabis strain leave
You have probably heard of hybrid cannabis strains. If not, we will tell you a thing or two about this type of marijuana and what seeds to pick from.
14/10/2022 strain

What is Indica cannabis strain?

The top of indica strain
In this short article we will cover some basic information about cannabis indica and what makes indica plants special.
07/10/2022 strain

Automaton outdoor grow report

Automaton dried buds
We bring you a growreport from one of our straintesters nicknamed Scarab. Check out what you can expect from the Automaton cannabis autoflower variety in average outdoor conditions
20/09/2022 strain

Is topping good for autoflowering cannabis strains?

cannabis plant with topping in close
Autoflowering cannabis strains becomes very popular. Have you ever considered topping them? Is it good or bad idea?
28/06/2022 strain

Polaris cannabis variety – want to taste the latest, photoperiodic indica strain?

Our model with cannabis variety polaris
Our newest indica variety with a dash of purple. Let yourself be captivated by this great variety. Polaris cannabis variety is waiting for you.
30/12/2021 strain

Cannabis and Taliban – landrace varieties and a trade deal with an Australian pharmacy

cannabis and taliban kid on the field
The future of cultivation of landrace cannabis varieties in afghanistan for international trade.