What is Indica cannabis strain?

In this short article we will cover some basic information about cannabis indica and what makes indica plants special.

Indica cannabis strain is familiar to almost every marijuana grower in the world. Since we have just introduced a few of them into our range, led by the photoperiodic Polaris variety and autoflowering strain Automaton, it would be good to get a little insight into this type of genetics.

Cannabis Indica – appearance

A typical example of an Indica variety is its bushy structure and thick stem. The plant itself is usually less than two metres tall. The foliage is usually in shades of dark green. In some cases the leaves are bluish to blackish green and are short with wider blades.

Indica varieties tend to have more branching and, as already mentioned, the structure of the plant is more like a shrub than a tree. Indica cones are denser and harder to look at than sativa cones.

The vegetative and flowering cycle of Indica cannabis variety


As with other genetics, there are two phases – the vegetative and flowering phases. The vegetative phase is often referred to as the growth phase. In this phase, the branching/leafing increases in size and density. Indica requires higher humidity during the growth phase and usually grows more intensively than sativa. Indica is more resistant to diseases and molds.

During the flowering phase, growth per se seems to have stopped, but the truth is that the plant is shifting its energy to the reproductive parts. In the flowering phase, indica plants are also more resistant to mildew and the optimum relative humidity is 5-10% higher than sativa.

In both phases, indica varieties usually require more fertiliser.

Common effects and properties of Indica cannabis strain

The proper bud of indica cannabis strain

Most Indicas are a rich source of the cannabinoids THC, CBD and CBN. Sativas usually produce large amounts of THC, while Indica’s have a quality representation from all three. The effect itself is rather Stoned (physical high, relaxation,daze). Sativas are more of a classic High. It’s not that Indica isn’t psychoactive, but rather it affect the body itself more. Indica has a complex effect, but the physical one is perceived by most of us more than the psychological one, so it is sort of overlooked.

Indica cannabis varieties are mainly cultivated for their medicinal and psychoactive properties and have the largest representation among medicinal cannabis varieties.

Do you like the properties of Indica? If so, we recommend you to try the Polaris or Automaton strains, which will surely win you over thanks to its great effects, beauty and tast. And if you’re looking for precision medical Indica with a higher CBD content, then try Cleopatra.

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