What is hybrid cannabis strain?

You have probably heard of hybrid cannabis strains. If not, we will tell you a thing or two about this type of marijuana and what seeds to pick from.

You have already come across the term hybrid when choosing cannabis seeds. Or not? If not, we’ll explain what hybrid cannabis varieties are and recommend one of the best.

What is a hybrid cannabis strain and where did it come from?

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A hybrid is the result of combining an indica and a sativa cannabis variety and always carries a combination of both genetics, depending on the genetic code. In most hybrids you will find that one part always dominates the other (indicating indica or sativa dominance). It is hard to find a pure variety (landrace variety) anymore due to years of crossbreeding.

Hybrid cannabis plants can be a little taller with short, narrow leaves and a range of unique characteristics.

How do hybrid cannabis strains differ from indica and sativa?

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The labels indica, sativa and hybrid have been used for a long time, but this is basically incorrect, as on a molecular level both indica and sativa are part of the species Cannabis Sativa L. So the attributes are not attributed individually to the indica or sativa, but to the so-called entourage effect that we recently wrote about (the combining of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids into a unique combination that then acts on the human body).

So what does this mean for hybrid cannabis varieties? That they are not too different from an indica or a sativa. It’s simply a mix of two varieties with unique properties that then affect each in their own particular way.

Which hybrid cannabis strains to choose?

If you look in seed shops, in many cases it will be hybrids where either indica or sativa dominates. In our case, I have to mention one cannabis varieties that we recently introduced.

Baba Yaga cannabis seeds. This perfect autoflowering, hybrid marijuana variety will blow you away with its unique flavor and top-notch characteristics. So what are you waiting for? It won’t .

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