Top medical use for indica cannabis strain

Did you know that indica cannabis strain has a great medical potential? If not, continue with reading.

Indica cannabis strain are much used for their medicinal properties and it is no surprise that many of them are straight medicinal varieties.

What do we know about Indica cannabis strain?

Many people believe that the Indica cannabis strain has evolved in the harsh mountain climate of Asia, specifically in the Hindu Kush mountain belt. Due to its long history, the genetic heritage has fascinating chemical and medicinal properties and carries a consistent genetic profile. This is supported by a 2012 study which found that indicas have a much higher CBD content than sativas (which in turn have a higher THC content).

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In addition, CBD in large doses has quite strong sedative effects, which can manifest themselves in mild drowsiness. On the other hand, this is why indica cannabis is good for inducing sleep and relieving stress and anxiety.

But these therapeutic properties are not only due to the CBD content, as higher amounts of THC also have therapeutic effects (some indica varieties have a very high percentage of THC). Added to all this is the so-called Entourage effect. There is an interconnectedness of the individual components that work better as a whole than as separate units.

In addition, terpenes, flavonoids and omega acids also contribute to the medicinal effects of Indica cannabis varieties. Together they form a chemical bundle that has specific effects. Different varieties of indica vary, but these differences are medically insignificant compared to sativa or ruderalis varieties.

The most common medicinal uses of indica cannabis varieties

Sleep promotion

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This has been known in indica for quite a long time. Sleep support is one of their best features. One study states that indica cannabis strains are an ideal choice for people suffering from insomnia. So if you are looking for some genetics to promote sleep, indica is your choice.

Relieve stress and anxiety

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A higher amount of CBD is a better choice for getting rid of stress and anxiety than pure THC varieties. This is described in a study that looked at using CBD to counteract the effects of THC on several behavioral functions.

Muscle relaxation

There is not much to add to this. The effects of marijuana, both CBD and THC, have a positive effect on muscle recovery, for example after a hard day at work, in the garden, or even after a sporting event.

Reduces inflammation and physical pain

Indica is in a good position here, as it has anti-inflammatory effects and is known to be good at reducing pain.

Try Cleopatra, an indica with a wide range of uses in treatment.

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