Automaton outdoor grow report

We bring you a growreport from one of our straintesters nicknamed Scarab. Check out what you can expect from the Automaton cannabis autoflower variety in average outdoor conditions

Automaton Nuka seeds text

Characteristics of Automaton cultivation

  • Length of cultivation : 4 weeks of grow / 8 weeks of bloom
  • Fertilizers used : Advanced Nutrients Coco A+B
  • Medium : Coco / perlite in 15l plastic pots
  • Training technique : none
  • Cultivating period : May 14 to July 6
  • Location : Central Europe
  • Harvest : 97,5 grams
  • Taste : Sweet fruity
  • Aroma : fruity
  • Effect : Mild and pleasure

Growing stage of Automaton

First we will show you the growth stage of the Automaton plants. The weather during this period was quite dry, but this did not affect the overall constitution of the Automaton. The growth phase was short and our tester let Automaton grow naturally without topping or any other training technique to see what the natural branching structure of Automaton is.

Week by week flowering of Automaton

And now we move on to the flowering phase, where the magic happens. The weather during this period was also dry with low rainfall, which is suitable conditions for the blooming phase. Our tester didn’t have to worry about his Automaton getting mildew, but he did have to deal with silkworms and aphids, for which the weather was also favourable. In the photos you can see the vital start of the bloom in the first weeks, despite the fact that he did not use any stimulants and fertilized Automaton only with basic fertilizers intended for coco.

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Have a good grow!

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