Team Nukaseeds visited the Mary Jane Cannabis Festival in Berlin

Last weekend, the Mary Jane cannabis festival was held in Berlin, where the Nukaseeds team went to have a look. Read about this cannabis exhibition below.

The Nukaseeds team decided to visit one of the biggest cannabis festivals in Europe – Mary Jane Berlin.

Cannabis festival Mary Jane

On the weekend of 15-17.7. in Berlin was held the cannabis fair Mary Jane where our team could not miss. This time it was a trip to see our friends and colleagues from the cannabis industry. The fair focuses mainly on various CBD products such as cannabis flowers, oils and also hemp gummy bears which our team liked very much. The Mary Jane Hemp Fair also featured a lot of vendors who focus on growing equipment, cannabis food, clothing, medicine and cannabis-themed magazines. Unfortunately, we were in for an unpleasant surprise, as in Germany they are not allowed to sell marijuana seeds at fairs. But that is about to change as the government there is planning to legalize marijuana. According to information from exhibitors, this should happen as early as next year, but the future will tell.

History of the Mary Jane Festival

Founded in 2016, the Mary Jane Berlin exhibition is Germany’s most famous cannabis exhibition and one of the largest in Europe. With over 300 stands, 35,000 products and more than 30,000 visitors, there’s something for everyone in the cannabis market. Taking place over three days, MJ Berlin explored the multiple uses of this amazing plant, from medical and building materials to food and cosmetics. Visitors to the fair can meet people from their favourite brands, talk to them about the topic and shop at will.

In addition to the large number of exhibitors, you could also visit the perfect chill out zone which, thanks to the great decorations, resembled the sandy beaches of California with several bars and a stage for DJs. There was also a swimming pool on site for those who wanted to refresh themselves.

Why is the Mary Jane Cannabis Festival so important for Germany ?

Germany’s largest cannabis trade fair is an educational tool that provides German cannabis community with a direct access to knowledge, equipment and support. Mary Jane is important because there has long been an active cannabis community in Germany, with annual parades and protests since 1997 and Henfparade (Hempparade) and The Global Marijuana March since 2011. Mary Jane Berlin gives these and similar movements more legitimacy and provides the German authorities with a better understanding.

Here you can take a look at some of the photos we managed to take.

We are looking forward to the next edition of this great festival, where hopefully we will be able to show Germany our great range of cannabis seeds.

Mary Jane cannabis festival promo video
Mary Jane Berlin
Cannabis festival Mary Jane Berlin

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