21/01/2023 weed

Growing weed: guide for beginners

Have you decided to grow weed for the first time ? Then we have the perfect growing weed guide for begginers that might help you.
05/09/2022 weed

How to make great cannabis gummy bears at home

Gummy bears and cannabis leaf
Almost everyone likes gummy bears, but what about when you add cannabis to them, that’s another treat. In this article you will read how to make them at home.
20/07/2022 weed

Team Nukaseeds visited the Mary Jane Cannabis Festival in Berlin

Mary Jane cannabis fair Berlin
Last weekend, the Mary Jane cannabis festival was held in Berlin, where the Nukaseeds team went to have a look. Read about this cannabis exhibition below.
20/06/2022 weed

The history of cannabis : How the plant spread around the world

Nukaseeds history of cannabis
In today’s article you will read more about the history of cannabis and its interesting journeys across continents and its spread.
06/06/2022 weed

What is CBD and what is it used for?

nukaseeds cbd formula and cannabis bud
You have heard about CBD, but few people know its effects. In this article you will learn what CBD is and what it can do.
17/02/2022 weed

Marijuana and sleep: 9 things you should know

cannabis and sleeping
Marijuana and sleep? Sleep is very important for your health and in this article you will find out how cannabis and its use can affect it.
15/02/2022 weed

Smoking marijuana does not increase the risk of lung cancer

marijuana smoke in the lungs
The findings of recent studies clearly show that inhaling marijuana smoke is not carcinogenic and does not increase the risk of cancer.
11/02/2022 weed

Hydro system aquaponia

hydroponic system aquaponia for cannabis
Have you heard about the aquaponics hydro system? If not, you can read more about this variant of hydrophonic method. We hope you will like it.
08/02/2022 weed

Manual and machine trimming of cannabis, witch is better?

Manual trimming cannabis bud
Anyone who has experience with growing cannabis has surely asked themselves if it is worth the work of trimming cannabis and in this article we will look at this issue.
30/12/2021 weed

Cannabis and Taliban – landrace varieties and a trade deal with an Australian pharmacy

cannabis and taliban kid on the field
The future of cultivation of landrace cannabis varieties in afghanistan for international trade.
29/12/2021 weed

A series on the pests that threaten marijuana plant – fungus gnats

marijuana plant - fungus gnats
Most growers have encountered fungus gnats. Although the flies do not directly threaten life of you plants, they are very unpleasant. Let’s talk about these root-eating pest in our series.
29/11/2021 weed

Weed 5: The CBD Craze Sanjay Gupta Full Documentary 2019

Weed 5 Sanjay Gupta
his fifth documentary WEED 5 Gupta returning to Colorado where he started his journey and introduced viewers for the first time to the word few could even pronounce – Cannabidiol
28/11/2021 weed

Difficulties in the production and sale of legal cannabis products

cannabis business is not easy to start
Difficulties in the production and sale of legal cannabis products are the deal in this industry.