Black Friday at Nuka Seeds is coming!

Black Friday is only once a year. Don’t miss this unbeatable event at Nuka Seeds.

For every pack two more for free!

Nuka Seeds logo Black friday
Black Friday event at Nuka Seeds

We’re taking Black Friday realy seriously, so we’ve got an incredible offer for you! For the duration of the Black Friday event you can buy any pack of Nuka Seeds and get 2 of the same pack for free. So, For the price of one pack you get 3 packs automatically!

This offer will only be available for 24 hours during Black Friday 25.11.2022. The countdown will start at 00:01 GMT and end at 23:59 the same day. The countdown will be visible in the Nuka Seed store at all times during the Black Friday event.

Due to the very short duration of the Black Friday event, it is only available in the Nuka Seeds shop

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