Cannabis seeds Automaton 10

£ 30,00 incl. VAT

What the autoflowering Automaton cannabis plants have in the beauty of their purple colouring, they also have in their potency and yield. Simply the perfect indica for the discerning.


Automaton 10pcs package

Automaton cannabis seeds are a pre-programmed autoflowering variant of Indica Purple Punch, which can turn purple during the maturation phase. Automaton plants grow up to 130 cm tall and normally yield 150 g per plant. You will probably be most impressed by the high yield, weather resistance and delicious taste of the fruit. The effect of this cannabis beauty is one of peaceful relaxation and deep sleep after a tough day.

A beautiful box full of gifts from Nukaseeds, this is a pack of 10 Automaton cannabis seeds. Inside you will find seeds wrapped in a metal key ring in the shape of a bomb, bamboo labels with the name of the variety to stick in the pot, a gold-plated ONE NUKA collector coin in plastic packaging and a beautiful sticker.