Cannabis seeds Automaton 15

£ 41,00 incl. VAT

Great yield, perfect fruit flavour and easy cultivation – this is the purple Automaton autoflowering cannabis variety that can satisfy even the most experienced ganja users.


Automaton cannabis seeds – 15pcs package

Automaton are autoflowering cannabis seeds that originate from the amazing Indica Purple Punch which can turn a beautiful purple colour in the final stage of flowering. Automaton plants grow up to 1.3 m and you can easily harvest 150 g per flower. The biggest advantages are the high yield, resistance to bad weather and the amazing fruit flavour. It induces a state of relaxation and can put you to sleep after a hard day.

The package of fifteen Automaton cannabis seeds from Nukaseeds includes an aluminium bomb-shaped key-chain containing the seeds themselves, bamboo pot labels with the name of the genetics, a gold-plated One Nuka coin in a plastic box and a metal four-piece grinder with the Nukaseeds logo.