Cannabis seeds Banshee 15

£ 41,00 incl. VAT

Want to try a quick and tasty autoflowering cannabis strain? Banshee cannabis seeds are the way to go. You’ll love the taste and power of this plant.


Banshee cannabis seeds – 15pcs package

The effect is mildly sedative and can effectively calm the body and mind down to the level of deep meditation and is therefore suitable as a cure for insomnia or anxiety. Growing a Banshee auto is relatively easy. Due to its smaller size, outdoor cultivation is discreet and suitable for lower indoor spaces or greenhouses.

Despite the fact that autoflowers are generally weaker, due to the influence of the ruderalis strain, Banshee with its content of THC about 17% is above average strength and we recommend consuming it carefully with due respect. Banshee Auto is the thing if you want to buy the seeds of an autoflowering killer who drives away demons and furies.

For packing 5pcs you get a wooden label for soil, rockwool or pots for each seed and a metal bomb not only for seeds in the form of a keyring. In the 10 pcs package you will get an extra sticker with the variety logo, a shiny collector’s coin One Nuka in a closed case and instead of a doypack you will get a beautiful collector’s box with a picture of Banshee. Inside the largest package of 15pcs you will find everything already mentioned and a gilded aluminium grinder with several chambers.