Cannabis seeds Banshee 3

£ 22,00 incl. VAT

Are you craving a great autoflowering cannabis strain that won’t shy away from anything and will give you a great high? Then choose Banshee cannabis seeds. In this five-pack you’ll find everything a great, stable strain should have.


Banshee cannabis seeds –  3pcs package

Banshee has a sedative effect and can effectively calm the body and mind to the level of deep meditation, making it suitable as a remedy for insomnia or anxiety. Growing Banshee auto is very easy. Due to its smaller size, outdoor cultivation of the Banshee cannabis variety is unobtrusive and very suitable for lower indoor spaces or greenhouses.

Although the seeds of autoflower cannabis are generally weaker, the Banshee, with its THC content of around 17%, is stronger than average and should be consumed with caution and due respect. Banshee Auto is the way to go if you’re looking to buy the seeds of a self-flowering killer that banishes demons and rage.

In a pack of three seeds, you get a cool badge with the variety’s logo and the seeds in a metal keychain shaped like a bomb.