Cannabis seeds Cleopatra 15

£ 41,00 incl. VAT

Cleopatra cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for those of you who like CBD strains and want to try something new. Fifteen great cannabis seeds and plenty of gifts await you in this packet that you’re sure to use.


Cleopatra hemp seeds – a new CBD strain is waiting for you

It is also very suitable for the production of hemp extracts. The CBD raw material Cleopatra has an unforgettable sweet taste with hints of fruit. The healing touch of Cleopatra hemp is best known when used for pain, lack of appetite and neurological problems. The lower THC content makes it ideal for regular use as a replacement for CBD oils and other CBD products.

Inside the Cleopatra package you will find surprise gifts that any cannabis fan will appreciate. Epic wooden labels await you in all seed packets. In the ten seed pack you’ll also get a beautiful label with the strain’s logo and a unique, collectible ONE NUKA coin in a plastic case. Our largest pack of fifteen seeds includes a gold-coloured cannabis grinder.