Cannabis seeds Cleopatra 3

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Each package contains 3 high quality Cleopatra cannabis seeds.


Cannabis seeds Cleopatra – 3pcs pack by NukaSeeds

Add a regal touch to your home garden with our Cleopatra 3 pack of cannabis seeds by NukaSeeds. This cannabis flowers, named after the ancient Egyptian queen herself, lives up to its name, showcasing potent majesty with every growth.

These feminized seeds provide a gentle balance of the physical relaxation of Indica with the cerebral stimulation of Sativa. With its unique genetic profile, Cleopatra offers growers a robust and reliable plant capable of thriving indoors and out.

Upon cultivation, Cleopatra sprouts into plants of medium height with an impressive flower-to-leaf ratio, like making it a great choice for gardeners looking to maximize their yield. The dense, trichome-rich flowers carry a rich, green hue that’s accentuated by flashes of purple and orange, making it a true beauty to behold.

Cleopatra offers a tantalizing aroma profile: expect a delightful blend of earthy musk underscored by sweet, fruity notes and a hint of spice. The flavor mirrors these scent notes, delivering an intense, palatable experience that combines an earthy base with hints of citrus and a subtle aftertaste of sweet berries.

In addition when it is consumed, Cleopatra provides a soothing and calming effect that’s ideal for end-of-day relaxation without the overwhelming couch-lock effect. It’s balanced by a subtle cerebral uplift that promotes creativity and introspection, offering a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for both medical and recreational users alike too.

Growers will appreciate the high germination rate and the robust nature of these seeds. They are characterized by their resistance to common plant diseases and pests, making them suitable even for novice growers. Futhermore depending on the grow environment, Cleopatra typically flowers in 8-9 weeks, offering a generous yield that will leave any cultivator satisfied.

Each pack contains 3 high-quality Cleopatra seeds from NukaSeeds. Enjoy the cultivation journey of a flowers that captures the essence of regal power, beauty, and wisdom – just as the legendary queen herself!

Disclaimer: Check your local laws before purchasing. Not for sale to minors. For educational and souvenir purposes only.