Cannabis seeds Megaton

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If you like strong feminized cannabis strains, Megaton cannabis seeds are exactly what you want. You will be grounded by the power of this plant.


Megaton cannabis seeds – 3pcs package

Megaton cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a killer, brutal yield. The feminized Megaton cannabis strain is descended from the famous Haze and White Widow parents. This giant of a strain is characterised by its extreme yield and strength. When grown properly outdoors, it can produce resin-covered buds with a THC content of up to 21% and can grow up to 4 metres tall. If you take good care of this monster you will harvest megatons of extra quality cannabis. Megaton’s genetics are sativa dominant, but it doesn’t mature until mid-October, 56-65 days indoors. The taste is delightfully sweet with hints of citrus and pine.

With a pack of three seeds you get a nice badge with the variety logo and the seeds in a bomb-shaped metal key ring.