Cannabis seeds Paradox 3

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This feminized strain is for experienced smokers only. Paradox cannabis seeds will get you with their taste and their power.


Paradox cannabis strain – 3pcs package

Paradox cannabis seeds are a cross between the famous Jack Herer and Afghani varieties. This is a fast-growing sativa with a THC content of up to 25%. Despite the draconian THC content, you can enjoy highly euphoric effects suitable for company or parties. It grows to a maximum size of two metres. The yield of the Paradox cannabis plant is up to 600 grams dry weight thanks to its compact buds with a balanced ratio of beautiful leaves. The flowering time of this luxury sativa is 56-65 days from the start of flowering. The aroma is earthy with sweet chocolate and spicy notes. Simply put, Paradox is a great cannabis strain for partying and chatting with friends.

In a pack of three seeds you get an awesome badge with the strain logo and the seeds in a metal bomb-shaped key ring