Cannabis seeds Polaris 10

£ 30,00 incl. VAT

If you appreciate strong feminized Indica cannabis varieties, Polaris seeds are the right choice for you. The balanced potency and purple buds of Paradox marijuana plants will amaze you.


Polaris 10pcs package

Polaris cannabis seeds are based on the genetics of the Purple Kush variety which is almost pure Indica. It will captivate you with its great taste, vigorous growth, strength and above all its purple colour that can take your breath away. Polaris cannabis is very easy to grow with a yield of around 600g, so even a beginner can tame it. The taste and aroma is fruity with a meditation and sleep effect.

Inside the Polaris package you will find surprise gifts that every cannabis fan will appreciate. Impressive wooden labels await you in all seed packages. In the ten-seed package you will also receive a beautiful sticker with the strain’s logo and a unique ONE NUKA collector coin in a plastic case.