Cannabis seeds Polaris 15

£ 41,00 incl. VAT

If you are a lover of indicas with an unconventional look, Polaris cannabis seeds are the right choice for you. The power of the great taste and the beautiful purple colour of the Polaris buds will blow you away.


Polaris cannabis seeds – 15pcs package

Polaris cannabis seeds come with the genetic basis of the Purple Kush variety which is almost pure Indica. It will captivate you with its excellent taste, vigorous growth, strength and above all its purple colour which can stun you. Polaris cannabis plants are very easy to grow, with a yield of around 600g, so even a beginner can grow it. The taste and aroma are sweet with a meditation and sleep inducing effects.

Inside the 15 piece Polaris pack you will find a surprise that any cannabis fan will appreciate.  Seeds are stored in a bomb-shaped keychain. In the box you will also find bamboo labels with the name of the strain, a gold-plated One Nuka collector coin and an aluminium grinder with the Nukaseeds logo.