Cannabis seeds Polaris 3

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If you like strong feminized indica cannabis varieties, Polaris cannabis seeds are exactly what you want. The power and beauty of this marijuana plant will completely absorb you.


Polaris cannabis seeds – 3pcs package

The Polaris variety of cannabis seeds is built on the foundation of Purple Kush which is almost 100% indica with the fact that it will captivate you with its absolutely unbeatable speed, strength and purple coloration. It is unpretentious with a yield of around 600g and is suitable for beginners. The flavour and aroma is captivating with a profound effect relaxation without a grounding effect.

In this variant you will find, as you can see from the name, three seeds of the Polaris cannabis strain. The seeds are sealed in a plastic bag and hidden in a small bomb-shaped key ring.

Each package also includes a sticker with the logo of the Polaris cannabis variety.