Cannabis seeds Tokamak 5

£ 35,00 incl. VAT

Don’t know what cannabis seeds to buy? Then try the Tokamak cannabis strain. You’ll find more than enough in this five-pack stuffed with autoflowers.


Tokamak cannabis strain –  5pcs package

Within this short time, Tokamak will grow to a height of about one meter with a rich branching, full of massive buds with a low leaf content and a level of THC about 19%. The effect relaxes and elevates you perfectly, making it an excellent smoking in recreational and creative activities. The flavour is slightly spicy to herbal, reminiscent of pepper. Tokamak by Nuka is a super autoflowering model that fills you with otherworldly energy that shoots you to the sun. 

For packing 5pcs you get a wooden label for soil, rockwool or pots for each seed and a metal bomb with marijuana seeds in the form of a keyring. In the 10pc package you also get a nice sticker with the logo of the model, a shiny collector’s Nuka coin in a closed plastic case and instead of a doypack you get a beautiful collector’s box. Inside the largest package of 15pcs you will find everything already mentioned, plus a gilded several chamber aluminum grinder that will get you.