Cannabis Ruderalis what is it ? Effects, Definition

Although Cannabis Ruderalis plants are ancient, their unique properties are influencing the cannabis world today more than ever before.

In modern culture, we often see things that have always existed being rediscovered through advanced research and modern applications. Cannabis marijuana is a prime example of such a phenomenon in the cannabis industry. Although Marijuana Ruderalis plants are ancient, their unique properties are influencing the cannabis world today more than ever before. Let’s take a look at the past, present and future of this strain and see how marijuanaruderalis and its unique properties are being used in today’s marijuana market.

What is cannabis Ruderalis ?

What is Ruderalis? The name itself comes from the word ruderal or rudera. In plant terminology, this means that this species of marijuana is a hardy species that can grow despite many adverse environmental influences. It achieves this by being resistant to colder climates and flowering automatically without depending on the amount of light it receives – something neither sativas nor indicas can do! In addition, Ruderalis grows wild and its application among growers and smokers is also quite unique (more on that later). As the third subspecies of marijuana, ruderalis is now more trendy than ever, thanks to its key differences from indica and sativa varieties, most of which are due to the origins of ruderalis. Let’s find out more about it next.

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Where the cannabis ruderalis appeared?

Like coffee from Colombia or oranges from Florida, most plant species come from climates that are ideal for stable and healthy growth. Marijuana ruderalis is no different. Ruderalis ruderalis originates from Russia, Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Due to the harsh environment of these areas, the ‘wild’ ruderalis species have avoided domestication and adapted to the harsh conditions due to their ability to flower spontaneously, shorter growth time, smaller stature and strong, robust stems.

Cannabis Ruderalis - Ruderalis ruderalis originates from Russia, Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia

You probably already know that Indica and Sativa varieties grow differently in height and shape and therefore produce their own unique cannabinoid content – different amounts of THC, CBD and other chemical compounds that provide specific effects. So if Ruderalis plants grow in their own way, wild and fast, how do their effects differ from Indica and Sativa plants?

Effects of Cannabis Ruderalis and cannabinoid content

Cannabis Ruderalis plants naturally produce higher amounts of CBD than THC, which is almost absent from their chemical composition compared to indica and sativa species. This makes Ruderalis flowers desirable for those who want to reap the health benefits of marijuana without the ‘high’ of THC.

Cannabis Ruderalis - Sativa Indica Ruderalis

As high levels of CBD are quite rare in most varieties, how do the effects of Ruderalis differ? In general, the increased amount of CBD found in Ruderalis flowers produces calming and relaxing effects. In fact, flowers high in CBD are often recommended for those suffering from anxiety or insomnia. This is in addition to CBD’s other medical benefits, such as reducing inflammation, relieving pain, lowering high blood pressure and much more. Because CBD can counteract the psychoactive effects of THC, the main benefit of Ruderalis varietiesis treatment without intoxication.

Cannabis Ruderalis - Cannabis-seeds

However, you are unlikely to find pure Ruderalis cannabis varieties or 100% Ruderalis cannabis seeds for sale online on dispensary shelves. On the other hand, many genetic marijuana varietiess today have their origins in Ruderalis. This is because its naturally occurring traits are highly sought after by cannabis breeders to create hybrid autoflowering varieties.

Future of Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis

Although marijuana ruderalis is the least known marijuana species, its benefits are certainly no less and therefore the use of this unique cannabis plant in the industry will continue to grow. Given the Ruderalis cannabis plant’s ease of use, autoflowering and high CBD content, its popularity among growers will undoubtedly continue to grow. Although Ruderalis is unlikely to be used for smoking on its own due to its lack of psychoactive properties, it is still a treasure trove for creating other unique autoflowering varieties.

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