Cutting and pruning autoflowering cannabis strains

Do you know how to cut an autoflowering cannabis strain? And can we even do it?

Can we cut autoflowering cannabis strains or not?

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You can only prune your autoflowering cannabis strains if they are growing fast, healthy.

Autoflower varieties are the subject of much debate on the subject of trimming, but people do not always agree.

Defoliation can be done on autoflowers because it is mainly for the flowering stage, which is the same with photoperiodic strains. However, it is not usual for automatics to reach a size where defoliation is beneficial.
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Pick the right time

We have one camp of growers here who are of the opinion that trimming of an automatic variety is just plain stupid. They defend it on the grounds that the autoflower only grows for a certain period of time, and it follows that disturbing its structure could put it under stress and stunt its growth.

Others claim that they have already practiced this method and it goes without a problem. The key, however, is timing. If your plant is growing at a rapid rate, it may be possible to do the trimming within the first few weeks.

So what should we do? For a start, it is good to understand the plant itself. The autoflowering variety of cannabis starts to flower around fourth week. Every autoflowering variety has a set time. After six weeks it still takes some time for the plant to develop flowers sufficiently..

When it is not recommended to trim autoflowering cannabis strain?

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  • If this is your first cultivation ever
  • the plant has shortcomings
  • the plant is wilted
  • growth is slower
  • do not prune if the plant is started flowering
  • plant is too young, usually before the start of 3rd week

When is it ok to prune autoflowers?

  • the plant is healthy and full of life
  • If you are only going to cut off a small, tiny part.
  • use topping, FIM only

Take a look at our Banshee and Tokamak autoflowering cannabis strains, you’ll love them and then you can try some trimming on them.

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