Epilepsy in Children, can THC contribute to treatment ?

CBD helps in the treatment of epilepsy and many other diseases. Recent studies have shown that THC can also be effective when combined with other cannabinoids.

Progress in Canada – Seizure Relief

Canada cannabis flag
Canada cannabis flag

Epilepsy in Children – scientifically, the research was conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Toronto. Researchers treated 20 children with an experimental medicinal cannabis oil that contained CBD and THC in a 50:1 ratio.  This research was funded by Tilray, the company behind the production of this experimental oil.

These children had a very rare type of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome. This is characterised by very frequent and severe seizures, with a frequency of up to 1000 seizures per month. The children were initially given small doses of the therapeutic extract, which were increased over several weeks. According to neurologist Blathnaid McCoy, the results are promising.

We have seen very good clinical benefits, including a reduction in seizure frequency and in some ways an improvement in the living conditions of individual patients.”

Cannabis VS Hemp
Epilepsy in Children

Participants research who achieved the required dose showed significant improvement in motor function, as well as achieving a greater number of seizure-free days. Those who did not reach the required dose did not have such promising results, although their condition also improved. We have increasing evidence that cannabinoids are developing anti-seizure agents. In the treatment of Dravet syndrome.

Similar research has been conducted at the University of Sydney

University of Sydney
University of Sydney

Similar research has been done at the University of Sydney. Researchers from the Lambert Initiative confirmed that 75% of parents of sick children reported effectiveness in reducing seizures. It was not stated what cannabis medicine they used, but they bfelieve it was CBD oil-based concentrates. The children themselves experienced improvements in cognitive and language abilities, among other things.

Professor Iain McGregor
Professor Iain McGregor

Despite the use of unauthorised extracts with low levels of active ingredients, three out of four users found them effective. This is clear evidence that understanding the cannabis plant as a whole is very important in the treatment of epilepsy,” said McGregor, academic director of the Lambert Initiative.

“Our research suggests that other cannabinoids can be used as well. Both alone and in combination with other cannabinoids or other epilepsy drugs. This warrants further research so that we can develop effective and safe treatments.”

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