How and when to move the cannabis plant?

How to transplant a cannabis plant correctly? It can be harder than it looks. But with our guide, you can do it like an experienced cannabis grower.

How to move the cannabis plant safely?

transplanting cannabis plants

Prepare the flowerpot and develop the drainage in it. Prepare a quality soil substrate. You can either make your own or use the purchased one. However, we recommend as organic as possible without unnecessary chemical additives.

Water the plant 48 before transplanting. The soil must not be too wet when transplanting, just a little damp.

Follow these steps:

cannabis plant moving

1. Choose a soil mix and fill the target flowerpot from one half.
2. Grasp the present pot with one hand and tap the bottom with the other hand to release the roots from the walls of the pot.
4. Gently grasp the stem as close to the ground as possible and slowly turn the flowerpot so that it points upwards or just to the side. The flowerpot should go off quite easily.
5. The roots are quite sensitive, so do not touch them more than the situation requires.
6. Very carefully place the root ball in a large pot in the middle and pour new soil medium around it.
7. If you do not grow in super soil (which has a large amount of nutrients), prepare water with a little nutrition and water the plant.

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