How to germinate cannabis seeds?

Want to know how to germinate cannabis seeds? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide you will find tips for germinating seeds.

What do we need for the seed to germinate well?

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Humidity – First of all, we need to give the seeds the impulse to germinate. Depending on the method chosen, we expose the seeds to moisture. The roots do not tolerate light, so always protect the seeds from light of any intensity during germination.

 Temperature – Keep the room temperature around 22 degrees. Cannabis sprouts do not tolerate temperature fluctuations, so a higher position in the living room is ideal ( in the dark, of course ) Cannabis seeds can germinate even in colder temperatures, but expect it to take some extra time and risk of rot, which is same for higher temperature. The rule is higher temperature = faster sprouting but at the cost of the risk of rot.

Relax – Once the germination process begins, leave the cannabis seeds where you left them and do nothing about them.

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Be gentle – If you are going to check upon the seeds, or want to manipulate them somehow, pay attention and be gentle. While you manipulating with sprouted seed, be very careful. They are more fragile than you think and could break off easily.

Correctly placed in the medium – Plant the germinated seed with the root downwards. It will help the seed to grow faster. Do not try to repeat process If you did not place them correctly, they will be just a little slower.

Correct depth – 0,5-1,5cm is the right depth. Use a thin stick to make a hole, then place sprouted seeds and close the hole so the light can´t endanger roots of your seeds

These are the factors that will positively influence germination itself. So what germination methods do we know?

Method 1: Place seeds directly to a medium

Rooting sponge

how to germinate cannabis seeds?This sponge simulate the soil itself, so the seed will feel good. Working with these sponges is very simple. Carefully place the seed inside this sponge and then water it regularly.

Each of these sponges has a hole in its central part directly onto the future seedling, so you have a rather easy work.

Rockwool cube

how to germinate cannabis seeds?Rockwool cubes are made of basalt wool and calcium in a furnace at high temperature.

Rockwool is the ideal medium for growing hydroponics. However, it can be used for germination. Rockwool does not have an ideal PH, so it needs to be placed in PH-adjusted water for 24 hours before use.

Peat planting tablets Jiffy

how to germinate cannabis seeds? These small peat tablets are also very well known. The material is of plant origin (spahagna peat) and thanks to soaking in water it swells into a nice cylinder, into which you then insert the cannabis seed. The tablets are very airy, so the seeds will be like in heaven and take root faster. They contain minerals to adjust the acidity of the soil medium.

Method 2: Dip cannabis seeds in water overnight

how to germinate cannabis seeds?A very effective method that is well built especially for older seeds.

Most of the quality seeds start swimming on the surface of the water, but eventually they sink to the bottom of the glass as soon as they are soaked with water. After a while, you’ll notice that the box is beginning to expand and a tiny root is sprouting.

The ideal soaking time is 24-32 hours. Some seeds have a harder cover than the other, so they don’t have to germinate in one single moment. But it should not take more than three days.

Ideally, allow 24 hours to pass and then remove the seeds and place them in a medium.

Method 3: Paper towel

how to germinate cannabis seeds?Perhaps the classiest method of germinating cannabis seeds. Take a paper towel, soak it and wrap the seed in.

Expensive paper towels are not required. An alternative to napkins is a standard make-up swab or cotton wool but not with a chemical content. When you check the seeds, be careful if the budding root has grown through the paper/cotton wall.

There is a risk that the paper napkin may dry out. It is recommended to place it between two plates or cover it with an inverted bowl. Drought would probably kill the seed.

Check the sprouting seed every 12 hours. You can plant the germinated seed immediately.

How to plant sprouted cannabis seeds?

how to germinate cannabis seeds?Once germinated, the seed is ready to be planted in the soil. If you have more seeds, it is good to plant them together.

The germinated cannabis seed is very fragile at this stage, so be super gently. If you happen to break or pluck a small white root by mistake, the plant may survive, but it will be severely paralyzed.

We put the germinated seed in the soil to the mentioned depth. A seedling can sprout in a matter of hours or days. If it takes more than 10 days, the seed probably didn’t make it. It can happen sometimes even to healthy seeds, it is a nature.

The first weeks of your seedlings

how to germinate cannabis seeds?

The soil must not contain large amount of nutrients at first. It will suffice to be well aerated. As the number of leaves increases, you can add a smaller amount of nourishment or plant it in your own super soil mix, which will contain the optimum amount of nutrients.

If you grow in coconut fibres or grow straight hydro, use 1/4 of the recommended amount of nutrition first. Once more leaves have sprouted, you can add 2/4. After a few days or add 3/4 and then after another few days add fertilizers by the guide.

Keep your pH under control. Whether it is a seedling or an adult plant, pH will always play an important role.

With seedlings, it’s good to start with something weaker or place HPS higher, if you plant the seedlings indoors.

Using the germination station

how to germinate cannabis seeds?We’re talking here about a device that was created directly to germinate cannabis seeds, and that’s a germinating station. It is a mini greenhouse what keeps humidity and temperature inside. They are particularly popular in the USA and Holland. You can insert either root sponges or pellets into individual holes.

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