How to protect cannabis from wildlife

One often overlooked aspect of growing cannabis is protecting it from wildlife.

protect cannabis from wildlife


Protect cannabis from wildlife – Cannabis cultivation requires meticulous care and attention to detail. One often overlooked aspect of growing cannabis is protecting it from wildlife. From hungry deer to curious rabbits, various animals can pose a threat to your cannabis crop.

Choose the right location

Selecting an appropriate location for your cannabis garden is the first line of defense against wildlife. Opt for a site that is less accessible to animals, such as a fenced area or an enclosed greenhouse. This not only keeps wildlife at bay but also provides a controlled environment where you can better manage the growing conditions.

Install fencing

Fencing is a reliable way to deter most wildlife from accessing your cannabis plants. Make sure to install a sturdy fence that is tall enough to prevent animals like deer from jumping over. Consider using chicken wire or mesh fencing to keep out smaller critters like rabbits. Regularly inspect the fence for any holes or gaps that could allow entry.

Use wildlife repellents

Wildlife repellents can be effective in deterring animals from your cannabis garden. There are various types of repellents available, including chemical sprays, natural deterrents, and electronic devices. Chemical sprays with a foul odor or taste can discourage animals from approaching your plants. Alternatively, motion-activated devices that emit ultrasonic sounds can startle wildlife and keep them away.

Employ companion planting

Also companion planting involves growing other plants alongside your cannabis that can naturally repel or distract wildlife. Some examples include marigolds, which deter rabbits with their pungent scent, or lavender, which can confuse and repel pests. Research companion plants that are suitable for your cannabis strain and growing conditions.

Implement scare tactics

Scare tactics can be surprisingly effective in keeping wildlife away from your cannabis. Options include using scarecrows, reflective tape, or even noise-making devices. These methods create a sense of danger or discomfort for animals, encouraging them to stay away from your garden.

Install motion-activated lights

Install motion-activated lights

Nocturnal animals like raccoons and opossums can pose a threat to your cannabis garden. Futhermore motion-activated lights can startle these creatures when they approach, for making them less likely to return. Install these lights strategically around your garden to cover all angles.

Regularly inspect and maintain your garden

Consistent maintenance is crucial for keeping wildlife away from your cannabis plants. Regularly inspect your fencing, repellents, and scare tactics to ensure they are functioning correctly. Also repair any damage promptly to maintain their effectiveness.

Harvest early

Also if you know that wildlife is a persistent problem in your area, consider harvesting cannabis a little earlier than usual. In addition this will reduce the risk of wildlife damage as the plants will not be as attractive to animals when they are less mature.


Also protecting your cannabis crop from wildlife is essential for a successful harvest. By choosing the right location, installing proper fencing, using wildlife repellents, employing companion planting, implementing scare tactics, installing motion-activated lights, and maintaining your garden, you can minimize the risk of wildlife damage. With these strategies in place, you can enjoy a thriving cannabis crop and ensure that wildlife remains at a safe distance.

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