Nukaseeds has launched the sale of 3 piece cannabis seeds package

We have created new packages with 3 cannabis seeds

all cannabis seeds Nuka 3 seeds box package

Why Nukaseeds added 3 piece cannabis seeds ?

bombshell nuka seeds gold mariujana

Due to increasing enquiries as to whether we plan to start selling smaller packs of marijuana seeds in addition to the new cannabis varieties, we have come to the conclusion that we have to add this topic at the top of our priority list. And here we go, now you can buy our Nuka cannabis strains in minor packages. We decided that the best choice is the packs of 3 seeds, which is sufficient for proper testing. We want to thanks all of you for the feedback, so we can make NukaSeeds even better for you.

This package has a black doypack cover with strain logo. Inside the package is a bomb-shaped keychain wich contains cannabis seeds, this container provides them perfect protection against moisture, daylight and physical damage. In addition, in this package you will find a sticker and a badge with the logo of the variety.

badges nukaseeds cleopatra banshee tokamak megaton paradox

Will there be any new cannabis strains?

Of course. We are trying to have them ready for this outdoor season. There are currently two hemp varieties in development, photoperiodic high potent indica and autoflower oriented to yield and taste.

We believe you will be delighted and satisfied.

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