Short Video Growreport of Banshee

Video growreport of the Banshee cannabis variety from the Cannabis Grow Room guys

Today we are going to look at a short video growreport of Banshee grown indoors at about 5-6 weeks of flowering. The grower is part of a group publishing videos on youtube under the nickname Cannabis Grow Room and used potting soil and used a humidifier for the youth of the other plants..

Other information on the cultivation of this banshee plant unfortunately unknown.

Short Video Growreport of Banshee

Short Video Growreport of Banshee

Scource : Cannabis Grow Room

About the Banshee Cannabis Seeds

Growing Banshee auto is relatively undemanding. Due to its smaller stature, outdoor cultivation is
discreet and suitable for lower indoor spaces or greenhouses. Despite being autoflowers
are generally weaker, due to the influence of the ruderalis varietly, Banshee with its approximately 17%THC is above average in strength and should be consumed with caution and due respect.

Features the Banshee Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis seeds Banshee from Nuka Seeds, three seeds in package

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