03/02/2023 ECS

How do cannabinoids affect the immune system in our body ?

How do cannabinoids affect immune systems in our bodies ?
Let’s look at how cannabinoids affect the immune system in our body and what is the connection between them.
01/02/2023 ECS

Cannabis prevents stroke and kidney disease but impairs some sensory perceptions

Cannabis prevents stroke and kidney disease
Good news for patients and activists fighting for medical marijuana. At 66th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, more evidence was presented that cannabis prevents stroke and kidney disease.
30/11/2022 ECS

Cannabichromene (CBC) – another interesting cannabinoid

structure of cannabichromene
Are you familiar with the cannabinoid cannabichromene? Do you know when it first appeared and what its effects are? If not, you’ve come to the right place.
28/07/2022 ECS

Why does cannabis interact with other drugs ?

cannabis and other drugs
Due to the complex effect of cannabis on the human body (endocannabinoid system), interactions with other substances occur. Therefore, if you plan to combine any drug together with cannabis, you should know what can happen.
14/07/2022 ECS

Cannabis and the digestive system – how does marijuana affect our digestive function?

cannabis leaves
There is a connection between cannabis and the digestive system but in a what way? We have some info for marijuana users which may say a lot.
18/05/2022 ECS

Endocannabinoid system- ECS

human brain made from cannabis buds
Let’s talk a little bit about the endocannabinoid system in human body and how THC and CBD affect it.
01/09/2021 ECS

Cannabis and the immune system – helpful or not?

cannabis and the immune system nuka seeds
Cannabis and the immune system can work together. So can cannabinoids like THC and CBD help us or not?