Vaporizing marijuana : 3 vaporizer types

How do you choose the right vaporizer type from the amazing range that is now available?

vaporizer types
3 vaporizer types marijuana

Living in such a technologically advanced age brings many conveniences, but also many questions when choosing a vaporizer in a sea of endless possibilities. This can be especially difficult for those who are just starting out with marijuana or returning to marijuana after a very long break. So, how do you choose the right type of vaporizer from the amazing range that is now available?

Each vaporizer types is suited to a different lifestyle and budget, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the basics before choosing one.

1.Table-top vaporizer type

Table-top vaporizer type is a large vaporizer type that are usually connected to the mains and is ideal for medical patients.

Portability: If you are one of those people who only indulge at home, a tabletop vaporizer is probably the best choice. Due to their size and reliance on an electrical outlet, this vaporizer probably won’t leave your house often, if ever. They usually come with a tube-like mouthpiece or bag that fills with the vapour so you can inhale at your own pace. These stationary vaporisers aren’t exactly ideal for people who just want to take a puff, but they’re great for sharing and for those who would normally vaporise an entire bowl on their own.

Functionality: Although these devices are often too clunky to carry around comfortably, they offer the most advanced technology among vaporizers. But of course, that depends on how much you are willing to invest. Some of the better devices can cost several hundred dollars, but offer precise and adjustable temperature control. This is important because different cannabinoids and terpenes – all with their own unique effects and medicinal benefits – vaporise at different temperatures. If you’re a fan of good flavour, a nice tabletop vaporiser will go a long way. Cheaper devices can make your buds taste like burnt popcorn, but high-quality devices tend to deliver vapour that stays true to the flower’s natural aroma.

Quality effects: Precise temperature control also allows you to get more of the flower’s cannabinoids and terpenes, so the effects profile can change depending on which ones you’re aiming for. Use this guide to work out which terpenes and cannabinoids you should aim for, and what temperature to set your vaporiser to in order to achieve them – for example, the terpene pinene helps with alertness and memory, and vaporises at 311°F. Play around with the temperatures to see how it changes your experience!

2. Portable vaporizer type

A portable vaporizer is a small type of vaporizer that is usually battery powered and is ideal for active marijuana vapers who like to vape on the go.

Portability: In general, portability is the only reason why you should invest in a portable flower vaporizer instead of a stationary tabletop device. Since they are small and run on a rechargeable battery, you are not limited to a specific place at home with these vaporizers.

Functionality: While these vaporizers have the advantage of portability, their functionality is often limited. Many flower vaporizers heat the flower at a single fixed temperature, which can be too hot if you are trying to get more of the flavourful terpenes. Some allow you to adjust the heat but not choose a specific temperature. Flower vapes offer more customisation options for specific strains than portable oil capsules, which sometimes offer strain-specific oils but are often blends of many different strains.

Quality of effects: While portable vaporisers often don’t offer the temperature control found in tabletop devices, they can still capture some of the nuances of each strain. Portable vaporisers with some degree of temperature adjustment are often preferred to those without, as they can be turned down if the product tastes burnt or turned up if you’re not getting enough vapour.

Check top 5 portable vaporizer in this video

3. Vape pen vaporizer type

Marijuana vape pen vaporizer type

Vape pen is a little vaporizer type that is battery-powered and use oil instead of marijuana flower. It is ideal for marijuana concentrate enthusiasts

Portability: Portable oil vaporisers are preferred for their portability and discretion and are perfect for the mobile oil enthusiast. Some don’t require you to load or unload the product – it’s all contained in a sealed oil cylinder. Others, however, can be filled with your own cannabis oil.

Functionality: Vaporizers that look like a pen or pencil are becoming increasingly popular because the battery is inexpensive and the CO2 oil in them hits smoothly and lasts a long time. Some have battery life and leakage issues, but these are generally rare malfunctions. Vaporizers that require you to fill your own oil can be a good alternative for those who don’t have access to cartridge pens, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right consistency of oil.

Quality of effects: You may find that the CO2 oil in cartridge fillers has a distinctly different effect to other types of cannabis oil. For some, the high is often more cerebral and less physical, although these sensations vary from brand to brand and strain to strain. Cartridge oils sometimes contain a diluent to achieve the right consistency for vaporising – watch out for the ingredients used, as some are considered safer than others.

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