3 advantages of preparing cannabis edibles using the Sous-Vide method

Did you know that the sous-vide method of preparing cannabis edibles is the ideal way to save you time, energy and nerves?

preparing cannabis edibles

With the rise of conventional sous-vide cooking equipment, it has never been easier and more affordable to get started with this way of preparing cannabis edibles. If you’re not familiar with sous-vide, it’s a technique that involves sealing foods in plastic bags or jars and cooking them in a water bath at a certain temperature. A precisely heated water bath is ideal for decarboxylation of the main ingredient and for leaching out the oil or butter as it cooks. But why is the sous-vide method so ideal for infusing cannabis oils and why should you consider changing the traditional approach to preparing cannabis edibles?

The main advantages of the sous-vide method in a conventional kitchen :

  • Wide range of applications – suitable for cooking meat, fish and vegetables,
  • Preservation of the original properties of the food – no change in appearance, colour, flavour or nutrient content
  • easy to plan – ingredients can be prepared in advance for later preparation
  • raw material saving – minimal weight loss
  • economical operation – low energy costs

1.Sous-vide allows precise temperature control when the prepararing of cannabis edibles

preparing cannabis edibles in the pot

One of the biggest concerns when infusing canna oil is the temperature – if it is too cold, the THC will bind to the oil at a decreased rate (or not bind at all), and if it is too hot, you vaporise some of the psychoactive ingredients and lose potency. As a general rule, a higher temperature results in a faster reaction rate and therefore requires less cooking time to activate; however, it should be noted that temperatures above 140 degrees Celsia may begin to vaporise the compounds in the mixture and temperatures below 90 degrees Celsia may not result in significant chemical conversion on a time scale of less than 24 hours. Unlike a saucepan, slow cooker or bain-marie, with a sous-vide you only need to enter a temperature on the digital display (or on your smartphone!) and you can be sure that your oil will stay at +/- 1° of the chosen temperature for the entire cooking time. Nothing complicated, nothing fancy, and I guarantee you’ll get it right the first time. What’s more, once you find a recipe that works for you (Sousweed has lots of them) and your equipment, you’ll be able to reproduce it every time. This is great because you’ll never have to worry about accidentally wasting your cannabis flowers or concentrates in a temperature-related cooking accident.

2.Sous-vide requires no handling and is low stress

preparing cannabis edibles

Making canna oil can be an all-day process that requires some attention throughout the cooking process. With sous-vide, the only thing you need to worry about is the evaporation of water during the cooking process – but with a good lid or plastic wrap you won’t have to monitor the infusing process at all! Plus, if you feel comfortable leaving a slow cooker unattended in your home, you can also feel comfortable leaving your sous-vide unattended.

3.Sous-vide is respectful and discreet

Decarburising the cannabis flower in the oven and infusing the oil on the stovetop can make the kitchen smell musty, which isn’t ideal if you have neighbours with sensitive noses or if you want your marijuana consumption to remain private. Well, it turns out that when you cook your cannabis in an airtight, sealed container that’s also under water, there’s not much to smell, which means you can make a delicious batch of cannabis edibles without stinking up your kitchen.

Have you ever made cannabis edibles with a sous-vide method? If so, how did your infusions go? Share your experience in the comments!

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