Bioponies – aquaponics without fish

Bioponics is an organic hydro system that will surprise many cannabis growers. You can read more about it in this article.

bioponies organic hydro system

In a previous article we brought up the topic of aquaponics and this is an alternative. There are no fish in the tank but only a special biofilter similar to modern filters for aquarium fish. This is a relatively new method of growing in a hydro system that is quite interesting for enthusiasts.

In the recent past, a large French-American company (General Hydroponics Europe) has developed a biological filter for hydroponic systems and an organic fertilizer specifically for biohydroponics. These two new products make it possible to have an organic hydroponic system without having to own a tank full of fish. The method is called biotic cultivation.

Bioponics mimics the breakdown of organic material in the soil. It uses a specially developed fertilizer with a combination of aerobic bacteria and trichoderma fungi, which are added to the organic filter.

biofilter for bioponia

These micro-organisms feed on the carbon contained in organic material and produce minerals which, on contact with water, are converted into ions that can be taken up immediately by the cannabis plant. Bioponic fertiliser must be easily soluble and must not contain large particles. It must break down quickly and be as easy as possible for plants to absorb.

Working with a bioponium system is a bit different from working with a hydroponic system, especially in terms of EC and pH values. In bioponics, the pH level can be in a larger range (bioponics: 5 to 7.5 and hydroponics: 5.5 to 6.5) and the EC has lower values (0.6 to 0.7). Low EC is sufficient because the EC meter does not take into account the various organic molecules present in the nutrient solution (they have small electronic conductivity). For this reason it´s very hard to overfertilize plants in biohydro systems.

Bioponics is a growing method based on organic sustainable farming and is designed for high yield in a small space and can be used to grow multiple crops including cannabis.

Paradox from Nukaseeds is a very suitable variety for this growing system.

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