Cannabis and Lyme disease treatment

how do doctors see the connection between cannabis and Lyme disease? According to some studies, the marijuana plant could cope with this unpleasant disease.

The cannabis plant is known to have a very positive effect on human health. It has been proven time and again to help where pharmaceuticals fail. Now there are new reports that it can also effectively deal with Lyme disease. So how is it?

cannabis and lyme disease

The incidence of this disease is more frequent than before, whether it is Europe or the whole world. Interestingly, more and more people are starting to use marijuana to relieve themselves of the symptoms of this unpleasant disease. The founder of California’s Green Bridge Medical Service, Dr. Allan Frankel, has commented on this situation:

“Every month I see several new cases of Lyme disease in my office, as well as repeat visits from long term patients with the disease. Although there are some specifics for each, the course of the disease and the manifestations are very similar in most cases.”

So where exactly is the problem?

As with many other diseases, antibiotics are used to treat this one. This is standard practice when the disease is detected and when symptoms worsen. It is always just a matter of adjusting the dosage.

For most patients, antibiotics work, but some patients experience secondary symptoms that are not consistent with the use of medication. These include depression, sleep disorders, chronic pain, anxiety and neurological disorders (neuropathic pain, etc.).

Patients are helped by extracts with different ratios of THC and CBD

different amounts of thc and cbd in marijuana

“We have already tried a number of therapies where cannabis plays an important role. In general, I can say that we get the best results with different ratios of THC and CBD. It’s all very individual. Some people may be helped by the application of a high THC extract in small or larger doses. The dosage is also optimised according to the patient’s needs. THC-containing doses can be administered at night, while different doses of CBD can be administered during the day”.

According to Dr. Frankel, patients with Lyme disease should use cannabis every day, or at least several doses. For other diseases this is not necessary and the patients can only use cannabis on an occasional basis when the situation requires it.

How else can cannabis help?

How else can cannabis help

So alleviating symptoms is one thing, but what exactly does cannabis cause? First and foremost, there is the “replacement” of the active antibiotic substances. There has been talk for some time that cannabis has certain antiseptic and antibiotic properties. A 2008 study looked into the antibiotic effects of cannabinoids in more depth. All five cannabinoids mentioned proved to be very potent against a strain of staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that is very resistant to antibiotics.

Lyme disease is an infectious disease and there are two claims that go a bit against each other. According to studies, long-term cannabis use weakens the immune system and reduces protection against bacterial infection. This is a bit of a paradox since the cannabis plant is known for its potent, antibacterial components and CBD supports immune system function.

Cannabis and Lyme disease – do we have the cure in our hands?

According to Dr. Frankel, we can’t say for sure. There are reports and studies that confirm that the use of cannabis in various doses successfully suppresses the symptoms of the disease, but we cannot confirm this with certainty. As is usual in this field, further research is needed. The Cleopatra variety of cannabis can reliably suppress side effects. With its excellent cannabinoid ratio, it is the ideal choice if you do not have extracts available.

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