08/10/2023 cannabinoids

Exploring THC-P or THCP: Unveiling the New Cannabinoids

As research into THC-P and THCP continues, it is essential to approach these cannabinoids with caution, especially in regions where cannabis is regulated or prohibited.
29/04/2023 cannabinoids

THC vs HHC what is the difference?

THC and HHC are two of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. While THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, HHC is a relatively new cannabinoid that has been found to have potential therapeutic benefits.
10/04/2023 cannabinoids

What cannabinoids do we have in cannabis plants?

cannabinoids in a abstract form
What cannabinoids can we found in a cannabis plant? We have made a short liste where you can find those which are most famous in this sector.
29/03/2023 cannabinoids

Why is synthetic cannabinoids a danger and even a potential cause of death?

Why is synthetic cannabis a danger and even a potential cause of death?
Have you ever been out of “good old” cannabis and thought about reaching for synthetic cannabinoids? Don’t do it and read why not in this article.
23/03/2023 cannabinoids

Cannabis plant anatomy : trichomes and their function

Cannabis hemp weed plant Polaris by Nuka Seeds
Let’s look at the cannabis plant anatomy. Specifically, the trichomes and their functions.
04/03/2023 cannabinoids

5 things chemically similar to a cannabis high

5 things chemically similar to a cannabis high
We bring you 5 things that act more or less like a cannabis high. 4 of them relate to humans and the last to wild tigers and domestic ones as well.
26/02/2023 cannabinoids

Cannabis extracts: 5 methods of extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes

Cannabis extracts are becoming increasingly popular, let’s talk about the 5 most used methods used in bulk extraction of cannabis.
15/02/2023 cannabinoids

THCP and CBDP – Study reveals identification of two new cannabinoids

two new cannabinoids: THCP (tetrahydrocannabidiol) and CBDP (cannabidiol). If these names sound like THC and CBD, it is because they have a similar structure and function.
05/02/2023 cannabinoids

3 recipes for raw cannabis smoothie

raw cannabis smoothie
Check out these 3 recipes for cannabis cocktails that offer a completely different set of cannabinoids and the benefits of raw cannabis.
03/02/2023 cannabinoids

How do cannabinoids affect the immune system in our body ?

How do cannabinoids affect immune systems in our bodies ?
Let’s look at how cannabinoids affect the immune system in our body and what is the connection between them.
31/01/2023 cannabinoids

Popular cannabinoids and their effects

Popular cannabinoids and their effects
Cannabinoids are a structural group of compounds found in the cannabis plant. In this article we will look at them
30/01/2023 cannabinoids

Vaporizing marijuana : 4 things to consider before buying

Vaporizing marijuana things to consider before buying
Here are 4 things to consider before buying a vaporizer for vaporizing marijuana.
24/01/2023 cannabinoids

Will marijuana spoil and how long will it last?

Will marijuana spoil and how long will it last?
At some point, most stoners ask themselves the question: does marijuana spoil?? And how to keep marijuana fresh longer
21/01/2023 cannabinoids

Cloning cannabis cells with up to 12 times the potency by Israeli company

Cloning cannabis cells
Using a bioreactor, an Israeli company has cloned hemp cells to cultivate them into a powdered biomass that contains all the active cannabis ingredients and can be increased to twelve times the potency. Not to be confused with the horticultural practice of cloning, Rehovot, Israel-based BioHarvest Sciences clones on a cellular level.
14/01/2023 cannabinoids

Cannabis tea relieves pain, helps with depression and aids digestion

hemp tea nukaseeds
What are the benefits of drinking cannabis tea? You will be surprised at what it can relieve you from.
31/05/2022 cannabinoids

What is an Entourage effect?

abstract composition of leaves explain the entourage effect
The Entourage effect is a pretty interesting topic in the cannabis world. What is it and how can you feel it in practice?
26/11/2021 cannabinoids

What is cannabis decarboxylation?

overpowered marijuana buds
Cannabis decarboxylation should be carried out after each harvest so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labour to the maximum.
25/11/2021 cannabinoids

Cannabis and Lyme disease treatment

cannabis and lyme disease
how do doctors see the connection between cannabis and Lyme disease? According to some studies, the marijuana plant could cope with this unpleasant disease.
04/10/2021 cannabinoids

cannabis and antibiotics – can we use them both?

cannabis and antibiotics
Can marijuana use during antibiotic treatment harm or help us ?
21/09/2021 cannabinoids

Cannabis and nausea – how can marijuana help?

cannabis and nausea
Cannabis as a treatment for nausea can improve the quality of life of people undergoing chemotherapy and pregnant mothers.
13/09/2021 cannabinoids

IQ and cannabis – is there any connection?

IQ cannabis
There is a connection between IQ and cannabis. But what exactly happens in the human brain when it uses marijuana? Let’s try to find the answer.