3 recipes for raw cannabis smoothie

Check out these 3 recipes for cannabis cocktails that offer a completely different set of cannabinoids and the benefits of raw cannabis.

Raw cannabis smoothie recipes
Raw cannabis smoothie recipe

What is smoothie

A smoothie is a mixed drink whose main ingredient is raw fruit or vegetables (or a combination of both); other possible ingredients are water, ice, dairy products (milk or yoghurt) and sweeteners (especially honey). This liquid fruit puree without fibre that has been consumed by the people of the Mediterranean region for several centuries, but in the United States it became a common dish only in the 20th century, now this drink is popular all over the world and we bring you a recipe on how to spice up your smoothie with cannabis, significantly improving its nutritional value.

Raw cannabis

The physical and mental benefits of combusted cannabis are no secret to most these days, especially in legal states and in the medical community. However, less well known are the benefits of raw cannabis, which offers a completely different set of cannabinoids. Steep Hill Labs outlines this succinctly below by describing the three forms of cannabis (raw, heated and cured) and their respective cannabinoid bioavailability.

cannabinoids use scheme - Recipe for raw cannabis smoothie
Three forms of cannabis (raw, heated, and cured), and their respective cannabinoid bioavailability

While it is tempting to debate which form is best for health, it is really a matter of apples and oranges: each cannabinoid offers its own unique health benefits. Avid proponents of ‘whole plant medicine’ or the ‘entourage effect’ (which refers to using the whole plant for maximum health benefits) do not need to argue with supporters of concentrates, as this is a question of the bioavailability of cannabinoids in food, whereas concentrates provide access to cannabinoids that are not present in raw cannabis.

Raw cannabis may not offer the characteristic cannabis high, but this should not devalue the remarkable physical and mental sensation of cannabis as a nutrient-rich food – eat good, feel good, as they say. This recipe aims to maximise the nutritional benefits of raw cannabis by favouring blending over juicing to ensure all cannabinoids are captured (cannabinoids stored in the plant fibre are removed during juicing). Fot the first recipe, sweet potato was chosen for its high content of carotenoids, which are converted into vitamin A and are known to fight a number of serious diseases.

Unfortunately, if you don’t grow your own plants, cannabis leaves are hard to come by. Your local dispensary can help you find leaves, either by offering you their own or putting you in touch with growers who have plenty of leaves. This sweet, robust drink is suitable for a variety of diets, including vegan, vegetarian, paleo and raw. Do your health a favour and start mixing!

Recipe for Raw Cannabis smoothie : Sweet Potato, and Pear Smoothie

Raw Cannabis leaves,Sweet Potato, and Pear Smoothie
Raw Cannabis leaves,Sweet Potato, and Pear Smoothie


  • Raw cannabis leaves
  • Sweet potato
  • Pear
  • Orange juice


  • Combine each ingredient in equal parts and cut into manageable pieces for the blender.
  • Puree all ingredients to desired consistency, adding water as needed.


To increase the nutrient concentration, you can add carrots, kale or red peppers, which are all rich in carotenoids.
These ingredients are rather grainy. To tone down the consistency, you can replace the orange juice with milk (dairy, soy, almond, rice or hemp milk).

2 other recipes for cannabis smoothies in the video

2 other recipes for cannabis smoothies in the video

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