Cannabis consumption is key against covid-19 depression and quarantine boredom in the Netherlands

Quarantine measures have a significant effect on increasing the amount of cannabis consumed. In the Netherlands, marijuana is used to combat depression caused by quarantine for covid-19.

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Thanks to the rampage of covid19, cannabis consumption is on the rise. People in the Netherlands have nothing to do, they are stressed out and so they smoke joints to keep themselves fine and mentally able to get well. Smoking marijuana has been tolerated in the Netherlands since 1976. Coffeeshops are literally reaping the rewards of selling cannabis in these pandemic times, but most customers take their goods to go, so they are also half empty at first glance.

Some sellers report that their clientele is growing with a large number of housewives buying ganja to get a good night’s sleep. Surveys report that up to 90 % of Dutch users have used cannabis as often or more often than before since the start of the pandemic and that up to three-quarters of them use cannabis every day.

People are not getting high’ for fun, but are simply coping with the anxieties of everyday life during this period of the covid pandemic. In this stressful times, with all the negative news being spewed at us, it’s good and beneficial to just “turn your brain off,” says one coffeeshop owner.

Is cannabis consumption legal, illegal or what is whole situation?

cannabis and depression? not for this young lady

Interestingly, besides the sale and consumption of cannabis in coffeeshops, another chain of production is illegal. The Netherlands is generally known for its tolerance towards cannabis, but from another perspective they have as strict laws as other European countries. For example, growing more than five plants is considered a criminal offence. Trafficking marijuana on a small scale is also illegal, but you won’t necessarily be prosecuted if you meet certain conditions.

All in all, growing marijuana for coffeshop purposes is completely illegal, but paradoxically everything is cool.

The coffeeshop owners themselves comment, “We launder money all day long and are illegal in everything we do except paying taxes.”

In the future, an experiment is planned where legally grown marijuana will be sold in pilot cities. But, the results are not expected for another 4 years.

The cannabis consumption in large quantities is not only a dominant feature of the Netherlands

old people fight off depression with weed

The Netherlands ranks as 20th in cannabis users.

Here is the list of twenty best countries:

  • Iceland: 18.3%
  • United States: 16.3%
  • Nigeria: 14.3%
  • Canada: 12.7%
  • Chile: 11.83%
  • France: 11.1%
  • New Zealand: 11%
  • Bermuda: 10.9%
  • Australia: 10.2%
  • Zambia: 9.5%
  • Uruguay: 9.3%
  • Italy: 9.2%
  • Spain: 9.2%
  • Madagascar: 9.1%
  • Czech Republic: 8.9%
  • Israel: 8.88%
  • St Lucia: 8.87%
  • Belize: 8.45%
  • Barbados: 8.3%
  • Netherlands: 8%

In the Netherlands, they have taken a good stance on this. There is nothing better for boredom and depression than a good quality weed. We’re pretty sure that when they try some of our models, they’ll do even better against depression and boredom.

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