Cannabis tincture – preparation instructions

The production of cannabis tinctures are simple and can be done even in home conditions.

What are cannabis tinctures:

cannabis tinctures
cannabis tincture

Tincture is an extract that is usually obtained by macerating herbs in alcohol. In herbalism, this method of processing is very popular and has been used since time immemorial. The great advantage of tinctures is especially the possibility of long-term storage.

Alcohol has the ability to bind and retain large amounts of cannabinoids. Tinctures are therefore ideal for intensive herbal therapy. They can be used directly on skin or under the tongue into a food.

Will you try make the tincture yourself ?

You will need for this:

make cannabis tinctures
alkohol – cannabis tincture
  • quality 40-80% alcohol (safe for people)
  • dried hemp (2-6 grams per 40 ml of alcohol)
  • a small glass with a lid

Instructions make mariuhana tincture

Place the cannabis in a jar, pour in the alcohol and leave to infuse for 14 days to a month, shake daily and after a month of infusion, filter the contents, discard the plant material and pour the liquid into a brown glass bottle with a dropper. This allows easy dosing and protects the contents from sunlight. It is ideal to store the medicinal tincture in the dark. The shelf life of the preparation should be essentially unlimited.

Uses hemp tincture
Uses hemp tincture

The dosage of cannabinoids is very individual, as each person is different and may react differently (so-called pharmacogenomic differences). Cannabis therapy is always a personalised affair from the ground up. Determining the exact and correct dose is the subject of current research. There is therefore no one-size-fits-all guide – 20 mg is enough to solve a problem for some, 50 mg for others with the same problem.

If you are looking for suitable cannabis varieties for make cannabis tincture , check out our varieties. For high CBD content we recommend Cleopatra.

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